What is your all time favorite style/print?

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  1. I bet this type of question has gone up on the boards before, but I have always been curious as to what other people have gravitated towards.

    I think my personal favorite and the perfect fit for me is the mamma mia. I also like the buon viaggio as well, but use it less often. My all time fave print is the original (also in reverse black). My next fave would be the inferno.

    What are yours?
  2. I really like my stellina. The ciao is good for when you don't want to carry much-- but you want to look fab. I am looking forward to getting a BV in vacanze. I became a toki fan late in the game-- but I love the look of Original Print, L'Amore, Inferno, Foresta. Guess I didn't really answer the question :smile:
  3. My favorite print is Inferno and bag style is Campeggio. And I'm happy to say that I'm getting one in my dream print placement for my birthday at the end of the month. I paid a small fortune for it on eBay so I have to wait until my birthday to get it!!!!!!

    I also love stellina's which I think is actually a cuter bag but I like how big the campeggio is and can hold anything.
  4. I think my favorite size is a Mamma Mia. But I currently and have only been using a BV. I personally don't own many prints but I think my favorite print is Paradiso. It's too hard to pick a favorite tho.
  5. I think my favorite style is going to be stellina -- although I don't own any yet.

    My favorite print is Inferno!
  6. I think my favorite style is Gioco... My favorite print use to be Foresta or Paradiso... but since Vacanze is out... I really like that one. :p
  7. I'm going to have to go with Inferno Campeggio :biggrin:
  8. my favorite style is the gioco, and my favorite print is foresta, eventhough i don't have a foresta gioco.
  9. inferno
  10. My favorite style is the zucca, and I don't have a favorite print.
  11. Less than a month ago, my favorite style would've been a Bambinone. At the time, it fit everything I needed - a small book, my wallet (which is quite large), my Nintendo DS, and my cellphone. Now, I'm really starting to like Gioco (I like the way it hangs on the shoulder). My BV is just really heavy, even with a minimal amount of stuff, and I've even considered trading it at times.

    As for prints, I really like Inferno (my first one), but I'm also digging Transporto too. I like Citta/Citta Rosa as well (I'm really into the girls).
  12. My favorite is the Foresta Gioco even though I have yet to own one :p

    My favorite one that I do have would either be the Paradiso or L'Amore Zucca, or the Paradiso Mamma Mia :smile:
  13. this is not really related to the topic, but i would love own a gioco in the original print if that ever existed.
  14. There were 2nd gen original print giocos when the outlets got the 2nd gen OP (or, as they called it "tokidoki White") in.
  15. My favorite style is BV, I want to own a foresta BV next month. I and DH will have a vacation to Hawaii and he agrees me to pick three foresta bags.:yahoo::yahoo:

    one BV, one denaro, one ciao ciao or stellina(depends on the good print placements)