What is your all time favorite color?

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  1. Hi everyone, just curious to see what everyone's all time favorite color is? I can't get enough of pearl grey. I have a Hamilton, Selma, sutton, and Greenwich bag.

    Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiosity.
  2. Dark Dune!!! :love:

    I've been in love with it since first sight....:biggrin:
  3. Iv only owned MK stuff for less than a year and have so far gravitated (been sucked in by) towards the gorgeous pinks. By far coral which is out this year has made me swoon and I'm soon to have 2 bags and a purse in my collection in that colour. I looking at building my neutral MK collection up now ;)
  4. I'm new to the MK world as well (~6 months). So far, I have been obsessed with Blush - it's such a feminine colour! The blush Cynthia with rose gold hardware is currently my favourite bag. I'm hoping they bring the blush Ava with rose gold hardware back, as I'm dying to get my hands on a small.

    The new colour Pink Grapefruit looks promising for a gorgeous pop of colour. I'm hoping to see pictures on the forum soon so I can make up my mind about it!
  5. 1. Mandarin ... 2. Fuchsia
  6. Ballet for light and Merlot for darker.
  7. For me it's iris and pearl grey!
  8. I love nearly every color, but ballet is my current favourite for spring. It is so versatile :love::love:
  9. To me it depends on bag style, leather type and bag size. I love navy on my medium Selma but I really love mandarin on my small sutton, I also loved Tile Blue! I suppose Red is my favourite colour, I have 4 red bags in various MK reds and styles. I loved Blossom too.......oh and merlot in soft leather....... I actually liked a lot of last years colours and not so much of this years colours!
  10. You're right. I also don't like every style in every kind of colour. At the moment i really love my cornflower blue Greenwich bucket bag. Sky is also a colour i would choose. And I have been thinking a lot about pale pink recently.
    In general i prefer the neutrals, as you can combine them easily. Luggage is next to black a perfect neutral which isn't boring like some other beige or brown tones.
  11. I love heather grey. It's the most beautiful shade of grey, not too dark and not too light.

    I also love greens, blues, and browns and can't get enough of malachite (dark green), sapphire (cobalt blue), dark dune (brown/grey taupe) and luggage (medium brown).
  12. A tie between raspberry and aquamarine!
  13. I'm into muted pinks (love blush and ballet), and versatile browns (dark khaki, dark dune) and recently dove! For brights I love love electric blue and raspberry. I don't have bags in each of these colors but I admire some of them from afar and I just tell myself I'll add them to my collection some day!
  14. For spring /summer I love Blush. (What a surprise :giggles: )

    It really is the perfect shade of champagne, goes with everything from summer brights to Breton stripes.

    For autumn/winter love black with SHW... So edgy.

    Dark Dune is fabulous all year round.
  15. My favs are mandarin and pomegranate. I wish they'd bring back both!