What is your accessory preference?


What is your accessory preference?

  1. Sterling Silver Kelly charm necklace

  2. Sterling Silver Kelly charm bracelet

  3. Bearn coin purse

  4. Bearn key holder

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  1. I want to buy something this week to cheer up myself (my DH has bad mood as his fund lose $, so I am in a bad mood too). Am planning to get something small, here are the 4 items I will consider:

    (1) Small sterling silver Kelly Charm with necklace - USD510
    (2) Small sterling silver Kelly charm with very thin bracelet - don't know the price
    (3) Bearn coin purse (I am currently holding my coins in my wallet, however, I have lots of coins to hold, so can get a coin purse to hold extra coins) - USD760
    (4) Bearn key holder (actually I only have 2 keys, I normally hold my keys in my wallet, so may not be necessary) - USD730

    I more prefer (1), but think the Bearn key holder looks quite nice....

    Actually I don't need any of these, just want to spend a bit money to make myself happier.

    Please post your action picture of (1) or (2), or pics of (3) or (4) if you have any of these.

    Many thanks!
  2. Well, when I want to make myself happier I go for the BIG TICKET items!!!! LOL!!!!! BAGS, baby.........

    ok.....Just kidding......what would I buy? I'd probably get the Bern coin purse since that's the one item you can get the most use from.
  3. i'd choose the coin purse cause i think it'd be used the most.
  4. I was actually thinking about getting a coin purse myself because I didn't want to overload my bearn with coins!!!
  5. Is your husband a fund investor or manager?

    If my husband is in a bad mood and give me ****, I'd go all out and buy a croc birkin to give him a nose bleed!
  6. Haha, no, he treated me very well although he's in bad mood. I always threaten him that if he treated me badly, I will swipe his cards. So I guess, he would control his emotions than treating me badly.
  7. Okay. Good to hear. In this case, go for a COLORFUL bearn coin purse- you need one.
  8. Bearn coin purse :yes: !!!
  9. Bearn coin purse, cause I want one !!!!
  10. i happen to adore the bearn key holder but i think it's a small fortune for what it is.

    honestly? i totally understand buying something to make yourself feel better but that seems like an awful lot of money to spend as a pick me up. why not a cute pair of shoes or a scarf or something smaller? you'll still get the same thrill but not as much damage to the bank account (which esp if your husband is losing money might not be the best way to go).

    just my two cents. if you want just an opinion on what you asked then 4.
  11. i agree with hlfinn.

    I head a coin purse but Is old it because it made my purse so heavy with those coins in there!

    I would go for a scarf or a pair of shoes or a new outfit!
  12. ^^ITA! I was thinking a new scarf or something would be lovely. But I agree with the others, the Bearn coin purse seems the most useful.
  13. Indeed! Indeed! :tup: Make a statment on not to give you **** when he is in a bad mood.He will be paying for it!!:graucho:
  14. :flowers:
    Based on your list I would think that the Bearn coin purse is great, especially a really bright, colorful one. But of all the smallish Hermes things I have bought recently, the two that make me smile the most (everyday!) are my apple charm and my awesome pompoms (which should be arriving today-I will post pictures as soon as they are here!!) They were not as expensive but they were totally worth it!!!!:flowers:
  15. In another life I would make myself really really happy and get them all:nuts:.
    No harm in dreaming!!

    I would save the money and look forward to getting something that you really need/want. IMO:heart: