What is your absolute favourite Mulberry leather/ colour and why?

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  1. Mine has to be darwin leather in oak or choc. I adore the oak (versatile/ year round use) but sometimes for practicality am swayed to the choc (not so worried about getting caught in the rain!!!!)

    What about you??
  2. At the moment it would be Glove leather in purple, my new Phoebe is still making me smile. I love the graining of this leather and it is super resilient.

    I do have a soft spot for choco Darwin, but don't currently own anything in this combo, I did have a Blenheim in choco but the bag was just too small for me so she went to a new home.
  3. Good question! I personally am addicted to Oak! It ages so beautifully. I prefer Darwin leather too. Hope your Jaquetta will get there soon Jo!
  4. Any sign of that new oak Jacquetta yet???

    Anyway :back2topic: mine has to be goatskin in red. The leather is incredibly soft but supple and the colour is rich, glowing & warm.
  5. I'm with you Jo, as you know by my collection!

    I adore the Darwin leather in Oak or Chocolate. I LOVE both colours although I think Chocolate is probably my favourite because it is just so yummy, its such a rich colour!
  6. oak darwin, because it'll only look better with use and it really stands out against a black or grey outfit :okay:
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    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    Oak darwin, for sure.
    I do like it in choc as well, it's very yummy and more practical in terms of rain spots, dirt, but
    the oak is just so gorgeous as it ages that I keep coming back to it.
  8. I would have said oak, and I do love it...

    But now PEBBLE antiqued leather truly is my first love - it feels like butter!
  9. Ditto, Jo!!
  10. Maple......you aren't helping with my Mabel issue!
  11. Oak darwin, but I agree with Mapel the antiqued pebbel is a good second choice.
    Soft, and easy to take care of
  12. Mine has to be oak darwin. I am really loving to right now.

    I also agree that antiqued leather on the mabel is a close 2nd as I love the leather on my denim and fuschia mabels.
  13. Has to be oak darwin - it's the quintessential Mulberry leather :yes:

    From a practical point of view, I think I like goatskin for everyday use, though. It's lightweight and water resistant.
  14. Choc Darwin :heart: hands down because the colour is a rich, bitter chocolate and the leather so thick and soft. I'm trying to love oak, but it comes second.
  15. For me it has to be either oak or choc darwin - this is the leather that first drew me to the brand and I still :heart: it.

    I'm having such a hard time deciding between the two colors though - yep oak has year round appeal aesthetically (bit of a nightmare in the rain though :s ) and yet the choc is such a stunning, rich colour and so much more robust.....