What is Your 2020 Wishlist

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  1. Congratulations! Did you place an SO for both at the same time? What specs?
  2. Thank you ...I wish I can place order for both :P just a k 25 chèvre
  3. Have only one bag on my wishlist:
    Mini K, GHW, Craie/ Bleu Brume/ Nata

    But SA said she has only seen one craie K in 2 yrs so asked me to open up to more options so I said maybe Rose Azalee/ Rose Lipstick/Gold/Gris Asphalt
    Although I would surely hesitate as I really really want it in my top 3 colour options

    Actually I’d say yes to Gris T also but haven’t seen mini K in this colour so far

    Would like another C18 also but don’t wanna cave in before mini K arrives (C is quota bag in my store)

    Finger crossed and I hope the stars align!!!
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  4. Revising my list:

    B25 Noir Swift/Jonathan PHW
    K25 Anemone Swift PHW

    Done :angel::angel::angel::angel:
  5. I saw a craie mini-K on instagram just this week.
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  6. :wave:
  7. I was all about a B in Malachite with PHW but I changed my mind three times. Ended up with Vert Cypress but my husband hates the color, told me he thinks the Malachite is stunning so apparently no black B for me this year because I’ll be hunting down a Malachite (again).
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  8. Malachite coming back this year? I saw her Birkin in Malachite in Mel in Melbourne's youtube video and thought it looks stunning. If so, I may ask my SA be on the lookout for one for me
  9. Yes, it is as mentioned here. In future you could ask questions on availability of color/leather here or here. :smile:
  10. First one on the list - check ✔️
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  11. K25 in Chèvre sounds dreamy.... a K20 is on my wish list too
  12. Well 2019 didn't bring me any quota bags (not for a lack of trying, lord knows! :lol:), so here's hoping it rains H in 2020 for me! I have a big birthday coming up in June too ;)
    • Constance 24 epsom - rouge grenat or rouge casaque, gold hardware
    • Kelly 25/28 retourne - noir, one of the dark blue shades, or vert cypress
    • Birkin 25/30 - noir with rose gold or gold hardware
    • Picotin 18/22 - noir touch or etoupe
    • Evelyne TPM in a fun pop of color
    And whatever else that makes my heart sing this year! :blush::blush:
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  13. Just one for me: the new Hermes Saut in barenia faubourg. My collection is already extensive and complete.
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  14. I got my B30 wish granted!

    Other ones I'd like are:
    • K25 or 28, sellier, would prefer chèvre or maybe an epsom in a bright red or black, GHW
    • B25 in a pop color (would be great if it was a pink)
    • B30 in a barenia (smooth or the pebbled kind)
    • C18 in a smooth barenia or a box leather, GHW
    • wouldn't mind another Evelyne TPM