What is Your 2020 Wishlist

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  1. Wish list- Kelly 28 sellier chèvre in vert anis w/palladium

    Practically what I'd actually buy -
    Kelly 28 retourne togo in any shade of medium blue, any hardware

    The leather, colour and more relaxed shape of the latter will fit my day to day attire better, and I only plan on buying one Kelly (but who knows in the future?!) ...but if I could dream, I'd buy the first one in a heartbeat!
  2. I'm breathing heavily for the Oz mule in Vert D'été. That green is stunning and I have always been a complete sucker for the turnlock detail. Although I hate mules, I might make an exception for these.
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  3. New to the Hermes club. Got my first Evelyne 29 in Gold PHW at the end of 2019.
    Hoping to get a Mini Evelyne in Black PHW, and slowly working out the specs for my 'dream' bag. So far came up with:
    Kelly 25 Noir Togo PHW :angel:
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  4. That is just my personal assessment of the timescale - it may be never!
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  5. Very new to Hermès. So far I have two belts and a few twillies that I wear around my neck. That being said my wishlist for 2020 consists of:

    Garden Party 30 in a springy color.
    An Avalon blanket.
    A few scarves that I’d like to frame and use as home decor.
  6. K28 sellier noir ghw (super lucky to get it already in 2020)
    A scarf ring for a 140
    A thin belt
    A 140 CGSM but only if I fall in love with the design
    Maybe a garden party for summer. Not sure.
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  7. Mini Kelly II in black box leather
    Kelly Pouchette in Anemone/Rose Poupre/Blue Ostrich
    Pink Jige
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  8. MY 2020 WISH LIST (in descending priority)
    I also have a milestone birthday this year - so I hope the H fairies will be in my favor...
    1. B30 Barenia Fauve, GHW - my HG
    2. B30 Togo or Chevre, Craie, GHW - favorite H color
    3. K28 retourne, black, GHW - for its versatility
    4. B35 Chevre, black, GHW - my dream work bag
    5. B30 Togo or Chevre, GHW in a neutral color (vert olive, bordeaux or a strong coral shade)
      - only if I really fall in love with it - OR a K28 GHW n a lighter neutral such as gold or craie
    Thanks for letting me share. :smile:
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  9. Hi PF! Still on a high from my recent addition :smile: but.....always like to have my wishlist updated for my SA. Here's my current collection. I would love suggestions on next bag :smile: .

    B30: Etain (GHW), Rouge Tomate (GHW), Gold (GHW)-all Togo
    B25: Black (GHW), Burgundy (Matte GHW)-all Togo
    K25: Gold SO, Vermillion inside, Matte GHW (Evercolor)
    K28: Black sellier PHW Epsom, Jaune Ambre retourne GHW
    B35: Barenia F PHW

    So far I'm interested in Deep Blue, Rouge De Coeur, Vert Cypress or perhaps Gris Asphalt if its different enough from Etain. I get the most use out of my B25's but also really wanting a Kelly 25 sellier.

    Any wisdom from this amazing group would be wonderful :smile:
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  10. Hi PF! Any takers on my question above? :smile:
  11. Deep blue or Vert Cypress seem to fill a color void in your collection. Rouge De Coeur is probably similar to rouge tomate (I haven't seen RTomate irl tho), but I don't see any blues or greens at all (unless I missed it). I love deep blue, another pf member got a B sellier in deep blue and it is gorgeous! My vote is for blue, but I am not a green person (actually I don't think I have anything green in my closet at all).
  12. @Purse_Shoe_Lover thank you! Yes leaning towards blue. Never felt 100% on blue until deep blue ☺️ Very cypress I love as well. Gold or silver hw with deep blue?
  13. Rouge de coeur I’m thinking for a Constance ☺️

  14. UPDATE!!

    SO ordered :yahoo::yahoo:

    Kelly 20
    Birkin 25
    all black rodeo
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