What is Your 2020 Wishlist

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  1. My very specific wishlist! I have a milestone birthday this year and my only wishlist item is my absolute HG bag - a 32 Kelly anemone retourne with palladium hw in Togo, clemence, Mysore (anything but Epsom) or a 30 birkin with the same exact specs. I live unfortunately far away from any boutique, so my build a relationship with an SA is likely too hard and I’m impatient.

    So after much thought I’ve decided I may start looking on secondary market (much rather buy from H, as I want a brand new mint bag and for the experience, but I don’t know how likely that is). I fainted when I saw anemone come back. so the time is now! I don’t want to overpay, but I figured the lovely people here on the forum might point me in the right direction. I’ve read all the reseller threads, authentication threads, and authentication will be a concrete requirement, but I’m stuck. I’m a research junkie actually, so I’ve done my homework. And travel to Paris right now to try is not possible. Just wanted to chime in and see if anyone has any thoughts. Sorry to add so much to my 2 wishlist items but I’m so ready to find my HG!!!
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  2. No fool indeed! Congrats. Great bag:heart::heart:
  3. My wishlist:
    -c18 essentially in any neutral color with rghw only (but if possible, preferably noir, raisin, beton, craie, rouge h)
    -any mini k that are not orange, green, pink
    -b25 etain rghw
    -b30 bleu nuit rghw
    -k25 retourne rouge grenat ghw
  4. Ahhh, this color. It’s so pretty. Congrats!
    I have to go see it IRL. Once I get a green B30 like this w/PHW and a raisin B30 w/RGHW,I’m done with my regular leather wishlist. Only one porosus croc will remain.
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  5. K25 sellier craie ghw
    B30 touch black rghw
    B35 dark blue/grey/black/gold for travel bag
    K25 sellier rose azalea or a light gray blue like blue glacier phw
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  6. Barenia Kelly Palladian hardware. Twenty two days into 2020 and no offers lol.
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  7. Honestly the first thought I had: an excuse to buy another clutch. I don’t use them except for special occasions and the two I have are more than enough. If I got a Jige, I’d never use it. But by god, it’s beautiful.

    Realistic wishlist:
    - Ulysse PM in a shade I love, I’m thinking maybe Vert Bosphore
    - An Evelyne in a color I love - honestly so far nothing has tempted me and I don’t have a color in mind at all. I have zero need for it, but when I see the right color I know it’ll be worth it.
  8. B30 Etain Togo RGHW with RP lining (SO)
    K25 Lime with GHW
    CDC Gris Perle Croc with GHW (seems impossible to find)
    SLG in Glycine ( I hope H brings it back for B/K soon)
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  9. 25cm Kelly black box with RG hw
    waiting 9 years and counting!
  10. would love to have another Constance or a Kelly 28 with inner lining
  11. Have been waiting for a b25 in a pop of color in ghw or rghw. I’m really hoping 2020 is my year as I would love it as a push present :smile:
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  12. I can see why. Hermes has never made this yet, but I will wait with you.
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  13. Kelly 35 unsure what color or hardware, whatever piques my interest at the moment.
  14. I am very patient but it is coming - I think 18 months!
  15. With Rose Gold hardware???
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