What is Your 2020 Wishlist

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  1. Has anyone started thinking about next year, yet? I have!

    I really just want my SO to arrive. And a mini Lindy. Preferably in Bordeaux swift leather.
  2. And a barenia Kelly. But that is truly wishful thinking!
  3. #3 Dec 25, 2019
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2019
    B30 in gold, GHW
    My first Kelly! I really have a long list, but really I am looking for GHW in “classic” colors, retourne, either 32 or 28.
  4. I hope your wish comes true!
  5. accessories
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  6. Bordeaux Swift is beautiful :heart:

    I want a shiny crocodile Jaune Ambre GHW Kelly Pochette *drool*
  7. I wish my special order would arrive:smile::smile:
  8. Accessories are always on the list!
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  9. I have a feeling 2020 is your year!
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  10. I hope so for both of us! Fingers and toes crossed!
  11. For 2020 , I would love at least 1 of my 2 SOs to show up. Preferably both. It's about time or maybe they dont even exist.

    For quota bags:

    K35 retourne in chocolate with PHW (Clemence leather)
    K35 retourne in Ebene with PHW ( Butler leather)
    B25 in feu with PHW (swift or Clemence leather)
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  12. Hmm been compiling this.
    - Kelly to go in a pop colour, maybe even croc depending on price

    - Mosaique 17, probably in a light neutral other than gold (I wish the ombré lizard my SA showed me had ghw or I would have snapped it up)

    - B35 or 30 (still not sure) in etoupe slouchy leather, contrast stitching, rghw (it's a wish list haha)

    - vintage rouge H box, my birth year or mom's birth year

    And to overlay all of that, a bag in either barenia, but not a small style and not something overlapping with my gold clémence Halzan 31 nor my gold box ghw Ferragamo classics bag, which works as a K28.

    Good luck to everyone!
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  13. I wish for a black lizard Birkin or Kelly, and the painted Birkin.... but I think it's just wishful thinking:-s
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  14. I’m wishing for my first Birkin and my first Kelly in 2020

    B25 in Rose Poupre or any neutral color
    B30 Gold GHW or Vert Cypress GHW
    K25 or K28 in black box leather GHW (wishful thinking!)
  15. a black birkin 25 :girlsigh:or any wow color B25.or a k25 in black or gold with ghw..passed on a couple of bag offers, tryna stay true to course.. let’s see how long i can hold out till i cave in to something else:giggle: