What is your #1 Fashion must have for the season?

  1. I think ---- still not sure

    Prada Gauffre Bag?
    A Great Capelet?
    Gucci Sunglasses?

    Still not sure? :shrugs:
  2. Right now, on my list...
    1) Great Pair of tall, short, & ankle boots
    2) Long wool/tweed coat
    3) Really comfy sweater dress (s)
    4) New bbag (always on my list every season) :love:
  3. well of course lots of bags...
    then, black patent wedges ( already got them)
    cashmere sweaters in pretty colors
    60's style dresses
    sweater dress
    that's pretty much it, i'm actually happy with my clothes, it's actually bags that drive me crazy LOL!!! bring in the balenciagas and the chanels!!! and my newest obsession is sunglasses, so bring in some more of those!!
  4. SHOES
    *Ballet flats (simpler the better)
    *Ankle boots
    *Platform pumps
    *Wedge boots

    *Cropped tights/leggings under skirts
    *Skinny jeans (with ballet flats or tucked into tall boots)
    *Babydoll tunics
    *And I still love all of my boho stuff from last year

    I should get a lot of heat for this list, I know.
  5. Mike and Chris Leather Hoodie...if I can ever afford it! They are so gorgeous, I've been lusting for over a year, lol!
  7. I want a cape (so upset I didn't buy this cashmere Gucci last year!) or elbow sleeve length tent coat which I will wear will over-the-elbow black leather gloves that button up on the side.

    I also want corseted blazers (Dolce & Gabbana) (this isn't particular to this season, but Dolce & Gabbana usually has them, and they are gorgeous!) and a pair of knee length stiletto pointy-toe black boots (I know this isn't "in" but I've thought about the clunky platforms and don't think I can do it...). I want them very fitted on my calves.

    I want more croc bags, structured in glazed croc or flap style in matte croc. Rich colors like chocolate brown, plum or burgandy (and, of course, black!).

    Thick gold chains and the Louis Vuitton ping-pong ball sized pearl necklace are also must haves.

    I'm going to buy a black fitted wool coat with an oversized fox collar and maybe another tan to-the-knee or slightly below shearling. I would love to have a sheared white mink jacket trimmed in chiffon (from the spring 2007 J. Mendel collection) as well.

    More black skirts, pencil and full, to the knee or a couple inches below. More white blouses. Another pair of red leather gloves (maybe to the elbow). Always looking for the perfect wool trousers (don't have any right now)!

    If I had a lot of money, I'd buy the entire Bottega Veneta fall women's collection!

    I prefer luxe monochromatic clothes this season. I'm very into black for some reason. My wardrobe ODed on color last year and spring. Chiffon, wool, and croc are preferred fabrics/materials.
  8. Forgot to add:

    A gray wool mini jumper.

    The perfect floppy black wool oversized hat.

    A sweaterdress.

    Black tights (I buy them every year).

    Collegiate fitted blazers (deviation from the style above...).

    Croc pumps.

    Loafer pumps.

    Skinny jeans.

    Oversized black sunglasses.

    Maybe the Derek Ram ramshead purse, have to check them out first.... Probably all sold out! I'll also check out the new Lanvin and Pierre Hardy bags.

    I wanted that Chanel large vinyl shopper but it's sold out.

    I actually haven't thought that much about my fall wardrobe so I'm sure I will add to this.

    I sound soooooo old in my post. I'm in my twenties!
  9. ^You don't sound old at all! But just thought I'd post this pic for ya since it's the first visual that came to mind:

    Wool Mini Jumper.jpg

    ^^^^BTW great choices ladies :graucho:...love fall/winter :love:

  10. Thanks. :flowers:

    Though I'd wear it a bit differently.... I really like the jumpers by Ivy this season.... With a short sleeve button down (maybe with a bit of ruffle), ankle socks and stacked loafers all under a trapeze coat ... something like that.... Half the time I dress one half like I'm a school girl (not Catholic school girl!) and the other half like a librarian (today I wore a pencil skirt, high neck lace blouse and belt on the waist). :lol:
  11. I don't really like to go vintage shopping but right now I like the idea of an oversized vintage fur coat or caplet.
  12. love all ur choices :love:!!
  13. - Skinny jeans (dying to own a pair of Tsubi's...)
    - The perfect black quarter length coat (preferably wool)
    - Black boots with low heel (check!)
    - Various sweaters and tops to layer with each other

    Those are it for now!