What is you fav chanel bag ? ++

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  1. I am looking to buy my first chanel bag and need something that is more versatile..will definitely go for a black bag but not sure abt the styles.. i m loving em all :smile:) ..please help me pick one..TIA
  2. M/L black lambskin with ghw
    jumbo caviar in black with ghw also
    M/L white white caviar gold hw
    jumbo caviar in beige ghw

    Those are my fav for the time being :P
  3. Chanel Flaps are my favs. Pretty much any color, size, leather.
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    my black maxi :cloud9:
    my jumbo patent

    you can't go wrong!
  5. i suggest a classic black...
    jumbo/maxi/gst or cerf...
    whatever you're lucky enough to find now!
  6. i think GST's because they can be more casual or dressed up.
  7. I agree GST or a classic black caviar flap. The medallion looks good too and great for casual wear.
  8. My 2 favorites right now are -

    1. Small Easy tweed in black
    2. Choc. Brown GST w/GH

    But that is this week. :smile:
  9. I think a must Chanel "have" is a black caviar classic flap, BUT my fav and go-to Chanel is my black patent Rock Flap, It can fit an immense amount of stuff and its immune to rain and weather. I can throw it around and not worry about scratching it... love, love :love:
  10. Medium classic flap. I'd go for black with silver hardware
  11. caviar jumbo flap in red, black or navy
  12. I would go for a med/lrg or jumbo flap in caviar or lambskin.
  13. black caviar jumbo flap

  14. ^^AGREED (I prefer silver hardware)