What is wrong with wanting your dog to have puppies?

  1. OK - I am soooo confused. There was a thread on here about someone who wanted to breed her dog and sell the pups.
    And people were offended by this - wtf???

    So - what is wrong with having a dog make babies??? It's not unatural - in fact quite the opposite. How is this cruel?

    I understand that the best option to get a dog is to go the SPCA. But if you want a purebred you can't often do that.
    I have a pom- I went to the SPCA - oddly enough - no pure poms there - so I had to go to a breeder.
    I had him fixed but I've often regretted that because I could make some great money off studding him - and he could get his freak on ;)

    How is it disgusting to make money off of puppies that you are selling to a home that wants a puppy and will love it?

    Maybe I missed something in the original thread but I am soooo confused.
  2. I just think that a lot of people feel that a pet is a companion, a part of the family. You would not try to pimp your family out per say. There are so many wonderful dogs out that need a loving home.
  3. The poster of the original thread that you mentioned said that she wanted to "make $$$ off of the puppies".

    I just find that to be really repulsive. To me, animals are living beings and not some 'money making' scheme.

    Also, she does not know that the people who buys the pups will be good homes. And sadly, those who are breed their dogs only for the money usually don't care. :sad:
  4. AGREED!
  5. There are worlds wrong with it.

    The big issue is that there are so many dogs in the world right now, and more and more keep being put out into the world by people trying to make a quick buck or aren't responsible enough to get their dog fixed. Shelters are overflowing with dogs that can't find good homes.

    You don't have to just go to the SPCA. There are THOUSANDS of places out there to check to find the breed that you may be looking for. Local shelters, petfinder.com, breed specific rescue sites, places like that will get unloved pure breeds in regularly because someone just wanted the dog for its looks and not to love it forever and give it a good home.

    Irresponsible pet owners cause a whole world of trouble. When you breed dogs, you MUST know what you are doing. You should be doing it to better a breed, not to gain added income! Most byb's are breeding sick animals, animals with health issues, etc. to create a certain type of dog that appeals to a person's sense of aesthetic. "tea cup", "mini", "puggles", these are all "fashionable" creations made by bad breeders who's desire is to make $$.

    When you breed a dog for money, you're essentially prostituting your dog out so you can buy what you want. That's a HORRIBLY sick concept. Why would you ever, especially if you have a small dog, want to see your dog HAVE to give birth because YOU wanted money? With a chihuahua, you're putting its very life at risk.

    Dogs are here to be your companions, not your source of income. If you want money that badly, be a surrogate mother for a child then see how it is to be paid for your "services" That isn't meant to be ugly, it's just a crude example of what you're really doing when you breed a dog for money.

    If you want dogs to have good homes, it's nice to see people volunteer at animal shelters to help re-train unloved animals. Even if you want future puppies bred from your dog to go to good homes, the original poster said she intended on making money with them, so her intentions are kind of rotten to begin with.

    It really is best to leave the breeding to actual responsible breeders what have a lot experience and love for their animals.

    And just to clear it, those "you's" aren't directed at you, they are just a generic term for anyone! :smile:
  6. I think it depends on what the persons motives are. If the person just sees the dog as a money making machine, thats very unfortunate and wrong IMO. But if the person wants to share their dogs wonderful breeding and temprament and is really particular about who he/she sells the pups to, then its their business and their right to do so. I would like to know that the person would carefully and fully screen potential owners and only sell to those people that they know will be good "parents". I love my dog so much and wish she was not fixed - not to make money but I would have loved her to have a litter she is such a good dog that I'm sure her pups would be just as great. I would have given all but maybe 2 of hers pups away to friends/family.
  8. I see where you are coming from - and in a happy perfect world we would all work at shelters and give our time to animals - but this is just like saying that we would also never buy designer purses again - we should be using that money to give to the homeless and such. It's good to help the less fortunate but that does not mean that we also can't enjoy ourselves.

    It's not like we are talking about puppy mills here. Just breeding one dog and then making some money off the fact that you are giving othrs animals that they will ove too. You can be a responsible pet breeder ya know.

    When I got my pom I got him for cheaper because he was 6 months old - the breeder had promised him to someone else but then went back on the deal because she didn't feel that the original owner-to-be would be a good mom for the pom.

    I guess though - after having 2 babies of my own - I wouldn't want to put my dog through the hell of giving birth :yes:
  10. ^Thank You^

    That is my point. If it was for me yes I will keep ALL I love my dogs they are the most spoiled dogs in the world (MORE THEN OPRAHS) lol .....and I will def give their babys the same love.
  14. She asked what we found wrong with the practice, and we're telling her. I've found that it is usually a terrible idea to ask, on animal-loving forums/subforums, how to breed a dog, especially when you mention money. You'd get the same answer elsewhere. Ask a good, responsible breeder if you really want to know what it's like to breed an animal and what goes into it. And yes, I'm thoroughly disgusted, but oh you bet I'm sticking around