what is WRONG with this woman?

  1. if anyone remembers my drama with being in a wedding, and being asked to pay for things i can't afford, it was all settled, both with the bride and her sister. i just got the bridal shower invitation, and taped to the left side, was the bride and groom's wedding registry. i'm 99% sure this was sent by her sister. it most certainly wasn't sent by the bride, she lives in a different state than the return address. i would have sent gifts no matter what, especially considering i'm not attending, but is this tacky? am i wrong to think something is just seriously off with the bride's sister?
  2. Yes, this is tacky, but I am learning that this kind of tacky and demanding behavior is becoming more and more common. My nephew (husband's sister's child) got married last summer. Before the wedding my SIL sent emails to everyone telling them to give the couple MONEY as gifts. Extremely tacky, since etiquette dictates that you are not obligated to give a gift at all. We gave money of course and then have received no thank you note from them almost a year later. I posted a thread about this too and most of the people who replied said they had experienced similar tacky behavior. I am sorry you are dealing with this. I don't know what the h*ll is wrong with people these days. :rant:
  3. I have received baby shower invitations with registry cards telling me where/what I should get the mother to be. It's ridculous.
  4. Personally, I would like to have a registry so I can get something that they'll actually want and use. However, I feel that it should always be an option and not a demand, because that is tacky. Gifts shouldn't be limited to only those the couple listed on the registry. It should be more of a guide.
  5. personally I think that when a person RSVPs, if they want to know where the bride/groom/mommy is registered, they will ask.

    not sending a thank you card is the tackiest thing in the world.
  6. i asked the bride at least twice in writing where the registry was, and she never told me. why does her sister feel the need?
  7. All of the baby shower invitations I've received came with registry cards :sad:
  8. I honestly don't know a lot about American customes and etiquette, because I grew up with Asian customs. I thought that a regristry was the norm and okay, no? From my experience, Asian people just give lots and lots of cash so you can pay for the party. =D
  9. If you asked the bride and she didn't give it to you, then her sister of all people shouldn't be asking. Geez. That's just rude.
  10. I don't believe a registry is tacky. They aren't forcing you to get something off the registry, if you want to give a gift less than whats on the registry you can always give money or a gift certificate. Gift registries are very helpful for the bride. Don't you want to get her something she needs instead of something she will have no use for and throw out.
  11. I thought that it was normal for friends and family to spread the word (discreetly) about a registry, as long as the bride doesn't do so herself. However, including any kind of registry card or list in an invitation is so gauche!
  12. I'd rather have the registry information up front - I hate having to contact people on the side to get the registry information - especially if I've waited until the last minute to buy a gift!
  13. I'm not offended if I receive an invitation that has registry information listed. I would rather know than have to hunt down someone who can tell me. As long as it is listed in a way that is not demanding gifts from a specific registry. Maybe a card or note saying simply Sue and Bob are registered at Macy's and Crate & Barrel inserted into the invite. Or something like that.
  14. I guess I am old fashioned. Any etiquette guide you read will state that guests are not obligated to give a gift. By including a registry card, in my opinion, it implies that a gift is expected.
  15. That is why I'm relieved with asian weddings, it is customary to give money!