What is wrong with this picture?

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  1. #1 Nov 21, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018


    This came last night.

    Read the receipt and look what I got.

    (I ordered a zippy coin case for my DIL for Christmas. )

    Boy I am having no luck. First my car side window gets smashed at the mall yesterday (posted it in the General Discussion Random Picture Thread); And now this.

    Seems like the odds are against me lately.

    (I checked my online order. I got charged $429.07 for the DE zippy coin purse).
  2. Omg. Someone forgot to have their coffee....
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  3. :confused1::confused1::confused1:
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  4. Me or the packer. :lol:

    I looked online. It has to be the rubber watch band for $300.

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  5. I don’t even own an LV watch. No use to me.
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  6. I hope you don’t have any hassle getting this put right :sad:
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  7. Me neither. It came last night and I opened it this morning. Too many issues going on yesterday. So after opening it, I checked to make sure it had my nane on the box. It did. Whew!

    Anyhow I looked at my online receipt. The numbers are all the same but this receipt just says zippy wallet. My online receipt has more info.

  8. I tried calling just now, they are closed. It said to visit them online and I got a disconnect.

    If I were to return it, the nearest LV is 45 minutes away without traffic. This being the day before Thanksgiving it will probably take me an hour and a half.

    I am hoping to resolve the issue by calling CS when they open.
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  9. I have seen this happen before. And it has happened to me from another retailer. You will not have any trouble with the return, it was just human error. Huge hassle before Thanksgiving though- so sorry!
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  10. Thank you and thank you for the reassurance I shouldn’t have a problem.

    Yes I’m certain from today onward it’s going to get crazy at stores. I’m hoping to do it via phone, but if I have to visit LV I guess I’ll have no choice.
  11. Oops ! That's definitely not a zippy. What a disappointment. I really hope you don't have any issues with the return. I'll go search for your car post now ! :sad: I'm sorry your having a rough week! Hugs!
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  12. Thank you :hugs:

    What’s worse it that the slg I was supposed to receive is always running out of stock and to “call for availability.”
  13. That's so poor, so sorry. Totally their fault. Fingers crossed for you that everything turns out OK.
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  14. I hope this gets resolved and that you can get the correct item! Best wishes and let us know the end result, please.
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  15. Thank you PT :hugs: me too.
    (This never happened with Gucci :biggrin:)
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