what is wrong with people???????????

  1. In Australia, a group of people are trying to get the courts there to declare a chimp a person so one of them can give it care. WHY ARE THEY WASTING VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS? This just angers me so. This does not help the animal. There are many organizations that take chimps in. While there are none in Australia, there are plenty everywhere else. They should use their funds to have him shipped to one of these sanctuaries and stop wasting the courts time.....here is the article. It is just ridiculous IMO (BTW here is just one of many organizations I found that they should look into. It is not impossible to raise the money to get him ready for shipping and to pay for the actual expense.) http://www.savethechimps.org/

    and here is the news story....
  2. and OMG I was so angry I misread that it is actually in Vienna.

    so heres even a closer sanctuary for them to look into...

  3. This is just plain ridiculous.. Myabe just maybe they nv tot of shipping it somewhere else?!!