What is.....wrong with my stamp?

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  1. Is it just me, or is my stamp on the cles looking really odd? I checked with my other items and they seem to be different with each other. I am sure all my items are authentic because I get it straight from the boutique (I'm paranoid with not authentic products...).

    Top picture is my odd looking Cles stamp
    Bottom is my wallet
    DSC04596.JPG DSC04598.JPG
  2. Something is wrong with the first one, anyone can tell...
  3. that looks horrible! if you just purchased it, do an exchange
  4. I agree. It looks like it somehow got pass QC without meaning to
  5. I am no expert but even I can tell that the first one is ugly and off!
  6. It just looks like there was too much ink on the stamp when they did the embossing. I actually like the deeper embossing, but not the smudging...

    Try to go back to exchange it... I'm surprised you didn't inspect it in the first place.
  7. Go back and get new one. If nothing else for resale purposes.