What is wrong with me?

  1. I come here to be cheered up, a little diverted from what I really need to be giving attention to, and because there is such a sense of support for each other. Thanks to this forum, what started out as one lone Bbag that I had for over a year and was perfectly content with, has now turned into several purchases later and I now am constantly lamenting over whether I have made the right decision, have the right bag for me and on and on. SO - I read as many threads as I can but because I am so tormented myself with the inability to make a decision - I don't reply to alot of threads because I question what advice I could possibly have when I can't advise myself.:confused1: This brings me to the reason for this thread. I started out with the Bbag then seeing a photo over there for a chloe paddy - decided I had to have one. I managed to get the nutmeg, a whiskey (which was stunning) and a khaki. I am finally down to deciding between the nutmeg and khaki but now have recently acquired a Balenciaga Day bag in a beautiful cafe color with gold hardware - it is really stunning and much lighter than my paddy's which is a nice change once in awhile. I thought I could part with one of my paddy's (telling myself that one bbag and one chloe would be perfect) but I recently panicked (yesterday) and now can't seem to let either one go! Is this normal, am I completely whacked? The khaki is SOOOO buttery soft and I tell myself probably every season will have a brown color but then I think of how much I craved the nutmeg...... it just goes on and on. I guess I just need to know that I am not the only totally obssessed handbag owner out there...... or maybe I am and need an intervention. I may be the next focus of A & E's "Intervention". Just had to have a moment of confession :shame:
  2. No you're not alone...I'm constantly on the quest for the perfect 'everyday bag' and at this point I'm not even sure what I mean. I have to admit that I am a Chloe virgin, but I keep going back to: Do I want the Betty? What colour? Maybe I want the Bay bag...quilted? Black? I mean, the questions, the doubting, it can be so frustrating.

    I'm in awe of the many bags you own...a handbag heaven! I am although curious, how do you manage to afford all these great bags? I'm impressed!

    I'm trying to decide on the perfect but I'm afraid my quest will never be done. I can't even remember the last time I said: Oh this is it. This is the last handbag I'll ever need. I think my boyfriend can sing that mantra in his sleep - he laughs every time I show him a bag and says: Wasn't the other one your last one? I must admit, shopping for a handbag is fun and frustrating at the same time, but when you finally buy it, bring it home, unwrap it, take it out of the dust bag, caress the leather and then finally, finally take into your hands, slide your arm through and put it perfectly on your shoulder. Can it get any better?
  3. No dear you are not alone! I'm in your same boat right now. Unfortunately, the bags we want are on the higher end of the price spectrum, which can present a problem! I've agonized over selling bags I desperately want to keep, and go over and over in my mind the pros and cons of keeping. It's so hard. But to me no bag is worth debt and/or conflict in my marriage (I've only been married 2 years, so I'm still breaking him in!) Isn't it amazing a bag can play with our minds so much? All this to say, you're definitely not alone!
  4. Well - that is partly why I am trying to decide. I really probably can't afford it. I sold my bbag that I originally had before acquiring my first paddy. Then I wanted to see a whiskey IRL (I live no where near a place that sells them to be able to go and try on....) so the point was to see the three side by side to be able to decide and believe it or not - I am probably the only one on this forum that actually didn't really care for the whiskey as much as I thought I would. I was able to sell it so I do not have it anymore. That is why I am trying to get it down to one or maybe two (NOT three!) as I have the most recent one on my credit card. I had saved up a long time before getting the first one and managed to save a little more, but there is definitely a credit card company that is happy that I can't make up my mind! Maybe you just never get it figured out - I mean that has been the problem the whole time is that I think I am going to find that one Perfect Bag - which BTW I might add I never was the kind to switch bags before this. I used one all year long and used it day in and day out...... That is kind of what I want to do now, but deciding on these colors, and then between the "day" bbag and the paddy is killing me! It doesn't help that once these colors are gone - they are gone. :censor: That is me swearing at myself. I am not someone who really should have even one of these bags never mind more than one.
  5. So what do you do to decide? Flip a coin.. put their names in a hat and make a draw? I am not really kidding.... should I just flip a coin and stick with it?
  6. Oh yeah, I am totally haunted with the whole "I can never get this color again" thing. I just decided which bags I used/love most (like you, I started with bbags... then ventured to Chloe) and which were the most practical for my life (i.e., comfort, usability, etc.) As much as I love this forum and practically live here, :love: it doesn't help my reasoning when I get caught up in all the beautiful bags everyone else has. Sometimes I have to step away and remember that I'm relatively young (26) and not financially able to accumulate the collections other sweet PFers are. I also have to remind myself that I'm blessed to be able to afford one high end bag, because a lot of people aren't :flowers:
  7. I yearn for the good old days when I wasn't purse obsessed. I can afford to have a collection but I can't flaunt the bags in front of my husband since he really does believe that spending that kind of money on a purse is "morally reprehensible". He would think I am crazy and that I couldn't be trusted with money. I agonize over decisions too. Right now I am in Taiwan working on my shoe line. I just got in last night and all I can think about is whether or not to buy a python Silverado (since I missed the one in Bahrain. I was too late what with being too scared to get that much in secret debt). I would have to call a store in the states and do I really want to do this? Shouldn't I just wait until next month? I have to be honest and admit I ALREADY bought my deal of a lifetime - a $4000 plus python Betty for less than half that amount just a few weeks ago. This on top of another Betty and a Paddy. I also have to admit that I think I psychologically ENJOY the hunt almost more than the actual bag. As soon as I nail a deal - I am off and looking for something else. This has to end at some point. I don't regret any of my purchases - once I settled down with the exchanges and returns - but I have become insatiable. It doesn't help that my sister has become the same way at the same time. We feed each other's addiction. "You are going to kick yourself if you don't get that purse. You will always regret it!!!"

    Note, though, that the real deals will pop up on eBay fro time to time. There will always be something to lust after. Maybe we shouldn't be sweating this stuff at all. How to make a decision? All I know for certain is go with what you absolutely love and crave and forget about "good deals".
  8. TTucker I agree - I take myself away for a moment and realize that I can spend over 1 K on a bag and not many people can...however, that's not to say that I wouldn't want many bags. It's amazing how much time I can spend looking for bags even during the day when I need a brain break at work. I get all excited looking at them and thinking about having them. How do you stop? Where do you draw the line?

    I look at my collection and I think - I have enough, but then I'll come across a bag and I just need to have it!

    It is sooo frustrating!
  9. Welcome to the Club!! :p

    This IS what Chloe does to you. I believe the bags are laced with some addictive substance that make you crave different colors for no substantial reason. And then once you have them, you can't let them go.

    That said :supacool:

    If you have to let one go for financial reasons, and you love them all equally, then let the decision itself be as pragmatic as possible

    a) sell the one you can get the most money for (prolly whiskey)


    b) return the one that still has tags on it
  10. I am addicted to handbags, and now even though I have a long list of what I want in other bags, I'm too addicted to Chloe'. (Okay and I got a Dior! Oh and that White AWL Dooney, but that's time-crucial for winter. Though I had to cancel my snipe program for a Cole Haan because it was all too much.) I'm spending more than my usual allotted handbag budget on Chloes, even though to get my first (and it was under $1,000) I saved for a couple/few months in a special fund! (Then blew that on Xmas, lol, and still got the Paddy.)

    I hope I stop after this list of what I immediately wanted!!! I cannot afford much more or it'll be purse ban, which I don't think I can do!! I'm going to step up my eBay selling to help. Every month or two my income increases (I'm a blogger) so I hope that'll help, too. Now I'm even late on a bill because a refund hasn't gone through, so I don't have enough padding in my bank account to pay it, and I need that padding.

    Anyway .. to sell the bags.. I'd keep the nutmeg, versatile colour, brown is so classic esp. for a Paddy.

    Keep the Balenciaga, because it's another brand and they were your first! Two designer bags is fine! Different designers.

    And you can keep it at that. Right?

    You're not as badly off as many of us!!!
  11. I had to go out for awhile and I just returned - I can not tell you how much better I feel about this whole situation! All of your replies and comments and relating to this situation has truly helped to put things into perspective and kind of let me 'exhale' about this whole thing. I guess there is comfort when you finally realize you are not alone. I know that this is stupid when I am talking about being not alone with a purse dilema, when there are so many more things that could be troubling my life. I am very blessed and I couldn't agree more with TTucker that I am very lucky to even have one of these beautiful bags! You all (sorry - I live in the South) have made a huge difference and I will be re-reading these replies again from time to time. Thanks so much for your support! This is exactly why I thought I'd found "Atlantis" when I'd found this forum, and why I check back often. It is a crazy world sometimes now, and here complete strangers gather and kind of pull you thru - yes I am being dramatic when it comes to a purse purchase, but on a grander scale it gives me hope - period! Thanks so much everyone and I do appreciate the advice, especially when I recieve it more than give it! I will keep you all posted with my decision, and to lighten this whole reply up a bit - maybe between now and decision day I will win the lottery and will get to keep them all and maybe add one! There - spoken in true purse forum style! :flowers:
  12. Ayayay, I hate to say it but you are so right. After getting two Paddingtons in 2005 I thought I was done with Chloé. I paid full price for them and to date, is the most that I've ever spent on a single bag. Then came the Ediths and the Tracys and the Bettys and the wallets...I was just viewing from a distance and managed to not buy anything between Aug 05 - July 06. I bought a number of sale bags in Paris but nothing more than $600.00 except a black Hermès Herbag on sale . Then December sales came :love: and all of a sudden I am in a buying frenzy. Between Nov. - January I have bought a total of 4 wallets, 7 bags (but returned 3) and now my husband surprised me with another one from LVR for my birthday next month. :tender:

    I swear my coworkers (of which ALL are male) must think I'm insane to be changing bags every single day! We need to have a Chloé Anonymous soon...

    It seems just like yesterday that my jaw dropped when I had to pay $690.00 for my Louis Vuitton Mini Mono Lucille PM in Khaki TST. Now when we see a half priced Chloé at that same price, we think it's a bargain. How prices have changed! :shrugs:
  13. I am with you all.

    I feel that I am a very shallow materialistic person. I can't bring myself to buy replicas or fakes even if I really wanted to coz theres no satisfaction. I am such a snob.

    I don't want to blatantly tell my friends I collect designer purses since they might judge me as being shallow etc. All my friends and family are simple people and they only buy bags below USD100. Sometimes, I feel so wretched during parties which I should not, am so not into flaunting my bag, When they ask for the price of my bags, I just say I exchanged this bag with a friend.
  14. You are all echoing exactly how I feel too. If I don't show off the bags - what is the point? Are they pieces of art to be displayed only for my viewing satisfaction? But to be judged as shallow and materialistic is rather painful. I still have my choco patent Betty hidden away because my mother said that if I didn't return it she would be mad at me! She worries that her daughters are out of control and that we will be in horrible debt and our husbands will be furious. Actually we can afford these purchases but everybody seems to disapprove anyway. Some of my friends and neighbors are far richer than I am yet they would never dream of spending this kind of money on a purse. Most of them don't work and feel like they can't be extravagant with clothing and accessories. Although they do spend what I consider ridiculous amounts of money on things I never would buy - boats and jet skis. Maybe they'll rip out a kitchen that was fairly recently remodeled and spend $70,000 doing it up yet again. Their vacations are frequent and lavish. Actually I COULD go there - LOL!

    So - to each his own! We are purse girls and proud of it - right?! Now do I buy that Silverado now for $1500 or wait for another one to go on sale - not sure when - for $1000? What's $500???
  15. This must be true! Coz I bought two in a month and can't seem to stop looking for more! Before joining PF I wouldn't even consider buying such expensive bags!

    You are not alone ilove2shop!!!