What is wrong with me????

  1. I just got the mandarin epi pochette today and now I'm having buyers remorse. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to pull off this color! Its gorgeous, but might not be me. I'm embarrased to go back and return it :shame:
  2. If it's not for you return it....don't feel bad, get something you love!
  3. I agree.
  4. I agree, return it and get something you feel comfortable with. I just brought home a denim pleaty and I just can't justify this purchase. I love it but it is too small for the money.
  5. I agree..don't keep it if you aren't going to use it..get something you will use.
  6. don't feel bad in returning to the store, you are entitled to an exchange. get something that you like!!
  7. Thanks everyone! You have given me the needed pep talk :happydance: I'll go exchange...now, what to get???
  8. One in black?
  9. Get a red or black epi pochette....those are the two colors everyone is able to pull off. :yes:
  10. If you don't love it, it would be a shame to keep it. Exchange it and get a different color!
  11. I totally agree - - for that money you should LOVE it. Get something you will be happy with. Nothing to feel weird about.
  12. Thanks ladies...I already have the black, but maybe I'll check out red!
  13. That happened to me a lot...wasting money...pls go get the bag you love more when you still have a chance.
  14. I agree get something you will adore:heart:
  15. mandarin is too loud.... dont like it too. why dont you try yellow? yellow goes with any outfit too :yes: