What is wrong with me?!

  1. So I bought a Mono Speedy 30 after saving up for a while...I have been in love with it for years, and I finally decided to treat myself :smile:

    However, after I got it I realized that the Mono print was too much for me as I didn't want it to be "too LV" if that makes sense, and I knew there were A LOT of fakes out there.

    So, I exchanged it for Damier Canvas. It has been sitting in my closet and I haven't used it...now I don't know if I want to go back to the Mono, or just return the bag all together ?

    Maybe it is because it is a Speedy, I don't know. I mean, I can afford the bag, it is totally paid for, but now that I have the $, I don't know if I spend it wisely.

    Can you guy recommend a different first LV bag or give me any advice/suggestions? :confused1:

    thanks in advance,

  2. Well.. are you letting other people's opinions affect your decision? Most people are dettered by the mono as it's one of the most faked designs ever.. but that didn't stop me getting mine! It sounds like you want to be less flashy but you're not actually happy with the next option.. Maybe exchange it for the mono and see how you feel? :smile:
  3. yea, what's wrong with you?? J/k lol :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Aww, it sounds like you're having some very normal second thoughts. Just because you've lusted after a bag for a long time doesn't mean it's the perfect bag for you. Why don't you go to the store and try on some more bags, imagine yourself wearing them and when you would use it, and then make a final decision?
  4. I think what you are experiencing is "buyers remorse" since it is a high value purchase and you seem to be afraid that you didn't make the right choice. Listen to your gut. Wiki buyers remorse and see if you can identify: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buyer's_remorse
  5. lol you guys are so cute.

    hmm, I wouldn't say so much that it is buyer's remorse that I'm feeling, I just want to wear and show of my new purchase, but I don't know if I even like it enough to do so. I fell IN LOVE with the Speedy shape, but I am so used to shoulder bags, so maybe that's why I feel a little iffy.

    I'm going to browse around eLux a little more to see if I come across any more ideas.
  6. Copied or not the speedy is one of the absolute must have bags IMO. It is a total classic and it's also the bag that most people think about when they think "LV". Also works great with a shoulder strap if you need to be hands free. But if you really don't love it? I'd go back to LV and try on every bag in the boutique! V
  7. speedy is classic, iconic bag of LV..great first lv bag for sure
    my first was mono speedy as well and I still love it to death!!
  8. First of all, I have to say CONGRATS on saving up after being in love with LV for years. That must have taken a lot of discipline!

    Second, here are my thoughts on a couple of different points you made:

    1) I used to wear only shoulder bags, too... then I fell in love with LV :smile: It takes some getting used to, but you do adjust after a couple of weeks. I now prefer to carry bags in my hand or in the crook of my arm, unless I'm really busy or carrying a bunch of stuff. So I wouldn't worry about this too much, unless after a couple of weeks you absolutely can't adjust at all.

    2) The mono pattern is faked a lot, but so is Damier and pretty much everything else Louis Vuitton makes. I don't think the mono pattern is too overexposed or common (and I live in an area where practically everyone carries an LV or a fake), but I'm also a huge LV fan. If you're concerned that people will confuse your bag for a fake, don't worry at all! It's pretty obvious what a fake is - especially with the monogram pattern, since it's much more common than, say, a limited edition - so even non-LV lovers can get a sense of what's fake and what's real. There's no accounting for taste, but IMHO I don't think you should be too concerned that the mono is faked more than, say, other LV lines.

    3) Your original post seemed to indicate that you thought the mono canvas pattern might be "too LV" - i.e., too flashy/ostentatious. This is a completely fair concern, and I think it depends on where you wear the bag. For example, if you're taking it to work, it really depends on what kind of job you have; if you're visiting clients, it might not be the best bag choice. If you're taking it to school, who cares? I saw tons of people around school with LVs. If you're just taking it around town, I wouldn't be bothered either. But as with the last concern, that's just my opinion and my personal style - if you feel uncomfortable wearing something, and tend to have a more understated style, then that's completely up to you, and you shouldn't feel bad about it. If you want something less showy from LV, consider EPI. It's a bit more expensive than mono canvas (for the same stuff), but it's very luxurious (like all LV products) and only has one stamped LV logo on most pieces. I tend to have a pretty classic or understated style myself, and I really like EPI. I really agree with the posters above who suggested you go to a boutique and try on several different types - they often look different IRL than on eLux.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!
  9. i recently had saved up money to treat myself to either a beautiful gucci bag or an LV, (speedy, most likely)
    however, when looking at and trying on bags this weekend in boston.....i actually ended up with the most beautiful gucci bag with a platinum trim...
    the LV didnt compare to it...IMO, i see so many LV everywhere, the fact that it's faked alot doesnt concern me, as I know that i'm carrying an authentic bag
    i guess my point is after seeing posts of the LV speedy and other bags here, and on others while shopping and then actually going into the store to look and try on.....i decided against the speedy as my first designer bag, (other than coach)....it can be confusing but take your time to think it over....for me this is a huge investment but i couldnt be happier about my choice...
    good luck
  10. I couldn't have said it better myself! I love the speedy though, it is my fav bag!
  11. I know this might sound strange, but I felt like I hadn't really gotten "LV" untill I got something monogrammed. I had damier before I got my first monogram piece, but I just had to have something. To me, sometimes it's fun to be a little flashy, but I definetly wouldn't go with mono for all my pieces. And I really only have one mono canvas piece now, allthuogh my vernis pieces are also "monogrammed".

    To sum it up, I HAD to have something, but get tired of it easily.
  12. You've lost the LVOE, so maybe you should sell it or exchange it for something you simply can't live without.....and if that something is NOT LV, its ok !!!
  13. Maybe you need a reinterpreted monogram like the Mini Lin Speedy or perhaps the relatively new released Neverfull. GoodLVck!
  14. Even if the mono is faked to death, all that matters is that you know its real :smile:
  15. i totally agree ^^^ what is important is that you fell in love with the speedy and that is a great bag to have as your first. Its a classic piece so what its been copied, you will feel honored that you own an authentic Louis Vuitton . and you will walk with your Head High! So dont feel bad keep the bag and you will be the envy of everyone. :tup: You are loved here in this Forum so who cares what other people think. :heart: to you.