What is WRONG with me?!?!

  1. A couple of weeks ago my mum & I were in a car accident, she was driving, I was the passenger.

    A guy behind us didn't brake in time (it was raining and the roads were slippery) and ploughed into the back of us. It wasn't a major accident but the impact was hard enough to write his car off and give me whiplash.

    Everyone is fine, but since then I cannot be a passenger in a car without feeling like I'm going to die lol :sweatdrop:.

    I was with a friend driving on the freeway the other day, and I've been in a car with her a million times before, but everytime a car in front of us seemed close, I'd grab hold of the seat under me and my heart would start pounding and by the time we arrived at our destination I was practically crying.

    What should I do? It's not like I can never be a passenger in a car again, and I don't know why I keep reacting like this even though it was a small accident.:sad:
  2. I understand what you mean, I was a passenger in a car accident where the car had completely flipped and all the glass shattered and had imbedded into my skin (I was squeezing out glass that night like pimples). The cop was saying how lucky I was to be alive, and so on. But afterwards I was terrified of cars to close to the curb. But as time goes on the fear starts to dicipate. Also the realization that it is out of my control, so why worry about?
  3. Maybe post traumatic stress disorder
  4. You've had a bad scare, it might take some time before you will be able to shake it, especially as a passenger in a car 'cause you feel you have no control..

    The best way to tackle what scares us, is to face it head on, so don't stop being a passenger in the car, take deep breaths and try to concentrate on something other than the car in front of you (know that is hard..)

    And I would only go with people who are sound drivers for a while..hopefully your fears will lessen with time, if not, you may need some professional help..Good luck:smile:
  5. it will take time but you will become more comfortable being in a car over time. the only way to conquer this panic and fear is to be in cars as often as possible. and to travel with patient people who understand your panic and fear have nothing to do with them or their driving but is something that you have to conquer.
  6. This happened to me, it's totally normal. I was a passenger when a dump truck ran into the passenger side of the vehicle, sending us spinning.

    I could not be a passenger for about 5 months, and after that, big trucks freaked me out. I sought counseling and it helped. It sounds weird, but she suggested a talisman sort of thing to carry. I chose an angel because my name means angel and I felt like I needed protection. She told me to hang it from the rearview window, where I could see it. Then if I was a passenger, I would take it with me. She said you need to see it and think about how you're going to be fine (or something like that, I don't quite remember, it's been 10 years.) But, if it's really bad, a counselor is not a bad idea. I only went because my family dr. recommended it.
    I hope you are able to get over this quickly, I completely understand and it feels silly, but it's not. Hang in there, it DOES get better!
  7. It takes a little while, like others have said, to get over it.

    I was recently rear ended and it was a very bad, multi-car accident and I noticed I'd get in my car fine, but I'd freeze up when I saw other people coming to a stop behind me, and I'd start holding my steering wheel really tightly and closing my eyes and wishing for things to be ok and for the other person to stop. It would make my heart race too. The accident was in March. I was probably like that for a good month, and then probably up until recently I was always watching in my mirror to see how quickly the person behind me was slowing down.

    I think its normal to have that sort of reaction after an accident. It will pass. Give it a little time!
  8. I was in rollover accident on the freeway four years ago. I was lucky to survive, but I didn't drive for almost a year afterwards. I also had panic attacks anytime I got on that particular freeway. It took me a while to get over that. It will probably take you time to feel normal in car again.
  9. I would agree with the PTSD comment. I suffered from this in 2005, after a horrible experience with the police coming to our house (don't want to get in to it...). I would get scared and cry everytime a strange car came into our driveway (even if it was just to turn around). I would always get nervous driving home, just in case the police were there again. It was horrible.

    I went to threapy for quite a while and worked through my issues. I'm not saying that therapy is the solution for you - it worked for me though. It's natural that you're going to be scared and nervous when you get into a car - I would be too. Just give yourself time, and if it's really bad - do consider talking to somebody. Doesn't have to be a therapist, it could be a friend or a family member!
  10. This happened to me too..I was in an accident about 5 years ago that a guy ran a red light and plowed into the side of my car. I would get scared every time I would go through a green light that someone was going to hit me. My worst time was when we were driving in Washington DC and following my cousin's car (he was a Washington DC resident at the time). Everyone in DC runs red lights, so he ran it, and we had to run it too since we were following him. I started bawling and shaking I was so scared. When we got safely to where we needed to be it took all of my willpower not to beat the sh*t outta him...:p

    It took a while for me to not be freaked out at intersections...probably at least 6 months...
  11. So sorry to hear about your accident.
    About 2 years ago my BF and I were in almost the same situation. We were at a stop light and a guy ran into us going 40 MPH didnt even TRY to stop! Come to find out he was DUI. Anyway, for a while after that I could not be a passenger in a car. Even now, its hard for me to be in a car with anyone driving besides my BF or me. You WILL get over it eventually. But...it will take some time. Just hang in there!!
  12. Thanks everyone for you advice, and you're right, it's not as bad now as when it first happened, although I still annoy the **** out of anyone whose driving when I'm a passenger (I grip the seat really tight, whimper a lot lol) but I'm getting there. Thanks for your support!!!
  13. Awww lv - I'm glad you didn't get too hurt!

    As most of the people here have posted, I was in a triple car accident about 2 years ago. I hurt my neck and had to wear a brace for a while.

    Since then, I've been terrified of driving on highways, am scared of people merging into me, and always look behind me to see how close other cars are.

    I am constantly holding onto the "jesus bar" whenever with my bf and he takes it as an insult to his driving - dont go there!

    I gets a tiny bit easier every time - but if its making your life really hard, do seek professional help.

    Take care hun.
  14. Give yourself time. It was a scary incident that was totally out of your control, so it's no wonder that you are feeling freaked out sitting in a car. There is nothing wrong with you.
  15. I had a similiar experience but not with a car, with a horse. Basically the horse crashed into a jump and I flew off and landed on my head, under the horse and the broken jump. I was TERRIFIED to jump for the longest time. If you just keep doing it you start to realize its rare and wont happen every time.