what is wrong with me! My LV money spent on makeup!

  1. I've gone crazy, I've spent maybe less then 400 on makeup.. after I bought stuff this fall. I'M CRAZY! Anyone else go on sudden make up binges?
  2. Me too. Just spent $400 at chanel counter about 2 weeks ago and also ordered other chanel stuff online. I swear since I've been on this forum, I've spent a LOT of $$$. I've purchased 3 designer handbags and hundreds on makeup. BUT - I'm worth it :smile:
  3. Is it crazy to have two or three bronzers?

    Oh god I'm staying away from chanel makeup, thats just what I need, another addiction. No I went from all laura mercier to majority of trish mcevoy, some mac, still some laura mercier, NEW BRUSHES, which contributed to half, like a good bronzing brush is what 60-70 bucks?! (trish mcevoy)..
  4. its so hard!! lol i spend so much on makeup and hair products too. but i find myself only using a select few on a daily basis. but i'm a sucker for colour and packaging. =)
  5. Yes!! Me too! Just about 3 weeks ago, I went crazy like you and also spent $400 on makeup and skincare. This is how I justify it: I don't have to buy any for a while cuz I'm kinda stocked up. That is the most I've ever spent in one time.
  6. LOL Don't feel bad!

    If you take care of them, those brushes will last forever :smile:
  7. ITA. Brushes will last forever if you take great care of them. What I find (often but not always) is that I need less of the more costly makeup, including skin care. So, often it's really worth it!

    Plus, you wear your face every day so it's good to invest money there (same with a great haircut). Bags are great too of coruse, but we don't necessarily carry the same bag every day. :wlae:
  8. oh dear, I have the same affliction!
  9. Yikes! I totally do this too! My biggest downfall is lipstick and lip gloss. But I don't stop there. I think, well, this tube is only $25 so I'll get a few more things while I'm here and before I know it my bill is $300!

    I do this about every two months.
  10. I spend the same amount <.>;
  11. I know how you feel. A lot of times when Im supposed to be saving for another handbag I end up blowing it all on makeup.
  12. I spent >$400 on dior make up this week.
    The SA loves me and give me some gifts:smile:

    Opps!sorry! I didn't help!
    But think of the bright side, I am sure you got some free gifts too!
  13. Argh...I know what you mean...I placed myself on a bag ban, but just calculate that with all the skin care products (La Mer and Sisley) that I bought within these 2 weeks, it all added up to a nice Chanel handbag....what am I doing???:push:
  14. ^^Haha yeah I did.. but those samples and gifts just make me ache for more!
  15. I know it's uncomfortable, but can you take any of it back?

    Nordstrom and Sephora make it as easy as possible. I do this occasionally, and Sephora gives me no attitude whatsoever after I temporarily lose my mind and blow money I don't have on things I thought I needed desperately.

    As long as you have a receipt, you'll get cash/credit back. No receipt, gift card.