What is wrong with me? I suddenly want a Thomas Wylde bag!

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  1. Never mind I can't even begin to afford it lol. I've suddenly fallen in love with it.
  2. Hey, Sunspark. I get some satisfaction from your post...knowing I am not the only crazy, somewhat impulsive, a bit OCD, minor handbag obsessed gal out there! Good luck with your decision...it's a pretty interesting bag!
  3. I must tell you that I love mine, and think it was worth the money. I found out from a gal who visits Paris regularly that next season the bags will cost $2600 retail.

    It gets a lot of looks. I may take it to a leather shop to replace the chain strap...I cannot carry the bag if I am only wearing a tank-top.
  4. Sunspark have you been reading the thread on TFS? It's totally making me want one too! :smile: There are some great ones on eBay right now in gorg white leather... *breathe, spiral*

    Ooh, Loganz, what color is yours?
  5. Thanks Spiral, I must have black.
    Socal, I think I'm about as crazy as they get lol.
    Loganz, do you really think the bag is worth the $$? Are we just paying for the name?
  6. Mine is black. Seller ckparis has a black one, she is new to Ebay but you can trust her bag, these are not being knosked off, and she bought it in Paris.

    About the price:

    The leather is lambskin the lining is 100% silk, the outside pockets are very functional, I carry my cellphone in one and my car keys in the other, there are no interior pockets. The "name" factor is funny with this one; because where I live no one knows the name. I have the TW tuxedo jacket and I wore it out today and you would have thought I was wearing an old-holey hoodie...however, the quality of that lamb-leather is beyond other leathers.

    The bag is very uniqe, my mother is calling it my Grateful Dead bag (eek); the bag suits my style...if you feel that it would suit your style as well I know you would feel the same way I do about it. However, if you don't think you would still carry it in a year or more than it would probably be money poorly spent.

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  7. Thanks Loganz. I think it would suite me, buit since I just bought 2 balenciaga, a whiskey paddy, and I may have a line on the stam, perhaps I need to convince myself that I can love and admire a bag from afar and not *have* to own it. I'll let you know how that goes lol!

    hmmmm, stam vs TW......
  8. i personally like the thomas wylde bag over the stam! it has a cool vibe while the stam (not to offend anyone) just looks like a large grandma bag! lol
  9. I heard there will be more bags for fall which will be in July. I would call Barneys now to be on their list.
  10. I love this bag as well! I don't know why ... but I really like the skull lining and skull design on the bag! It's my bad girl side wanting to come out ... mind you, I have three young children. I want the bag but can you see me carrying this bag with my three angels in tow:lol:
  11. ^Well I have two little ones and that bag is calling my wylde side out:smile: Now I'm thinking a Balenciaga in black....I don't even own a black bag.
  12. I also love this bag--does anyone know if they make it without the studded skull on the front? I know that kind of defeats the purpose, but I'd really love a plain version of this bag (with the skull lining, of course).
  13. One advice from me... Don't buy from CKParis! I have a very strong feeling that she is doing shill bidding! It was 15 minutes to the end of the auction and zero bids. I placed my bid. and then i got outbid in the last 10 minutes. but the bag was listed again the same day.
    Also, she turned down my buy it now offer for $2800 (Her asking price was $2830) and she was adamant that her bag will fetch more money.
    I will stay away from buying her stuff. I would buy from dudeiloveyou or baggacholic (our current PF member).
  14. Also, CKParis jacked dudeiloveyou picture before. Don't trust her!
  15. THere is a plain one on ebay.