What is wrong with Jessica's lips

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  1. She is going down the drain quicker than Rosie O'Donnell can down a twinkie.


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  2. ugh, she's got trout pout. horrendous.
  3. lip collegan gone bad.....
  4. Can anyone think of one celebrity who has done the lip thing and actually looked better for it???????
  5. I truly believe that we should all work with what we have. If you over-do it, it may over-do your other feautures if you know what I mean...
  6. nope... not one. maybe adriana lima.... from victoria secret.
  7. Oh my.
  8. i don't think she had anything done, maybe it's just the pic, or the lip gloss. or she'S using a lip plumper. she looks normal in all her other recent pics.
  9. I certainly hope she's not headed for some depression and all of the bad things that happen to these celebs; lets hope it's just the pic.
  10. I think all those years of the hideous over-the-top warbling coming out of them has finally destroyed her lips.

    It's a shame that plastic surgery on her lips has been such a misstep - her boob job is seamless.
  11. agreed, definately a HUGE improvement over her sagging originals. her body was perfect during the dukes of hazzards movie, now she looks like she's putting the weight back on.
  12. Poor Jess... she looked really depress in this photo. Was this taken after her divorce with Nick?
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the latest plastic trip-but bc I did like her before the fame got to her head, I am thinking maybe it is a bad pic and the lip gloss color did her no justice...but her boobs-I have natural big boobs and I don't remember them staying up so high all the time and being so darn round at the top?!?:suspiciou Her crazy father claims that his little girls has 'double d's' (ewwww, would any of you ever want your dad to talk about that part of your body like that??? :sick: ) What do you gals think about Jessica's boobs-boob job or not or modification of nature's gift?
  14. It's so sad. Honestly, I think Nick helped her to stay grounded a bit. He seemed really nice and normal. I'm hoping they work it out.:sad:
  15. well she had a lot to begin with, so instead of implants i think she probably just had a lift.