what is wrong with him!?!

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  1. So I'm sitting her patiently waiting for my fuschia perfo speedy and I mentioned that it should have come to my SO...he says:

    "didn't I tell you? Joe from LV called and said that something went wrong with the transaction and I told him to forget it because you said you were having second thoughts....I swear I told you that"


    so now my perfo speedy ISN'T coming!....i don't even know what to say right now...I just thought that I would share my horrible news.

    now I have to decide whether or not to order it again...this was such a hard decision in the first place!
  2. Oh no! That is horrible news :cursing: Could he have been joking? Sounds like something my BF would joke about. Men!
  3. :wtf: Is he absolutely serious? Maybe he got it and wants to surprise you for Christmas... (wishful thinking??)
  4. :wtf:
  5. Omg, so sorry!! :sad:
    He better go buy you a new one now..lol...
  6. Oh no.. I sure hope he is keeping it to surprise you for Christmas. I will think good thoughts..
  7. I smell a Christmas present under the three :love: or maybe not.

    But if your SO was serious, that's MEAN!! I would be furious with him!!
  8. hopefully he's joking with u :sad:
  9. Umm I would have one dead hubby...LOL

    Maybe he already recieved it and it saving it for Christmas!?!
  10. nope, nope and nope.....

    he probably thinks it isn't a big deal because I told him they were pretty easy to get right now.

    I know he feels bad for not telling me...some things though just need to be told right away!

    I told him it was OK though because like I said...they are pretty easy to get

    he gets one chance ladies :smile:
  11. Uh! That stinks hun, I would totally knock out my hubby if he did that!
  12. I AGREEEEE! lol
  13. I'm so sorry you must be crushed!!
  14. That stinks..but it's possible that may be he will surprise you with it as Christmas present..
  15. Awww no!!!!