What is wrong with ebay?

  1. last night i list 2 bags for sale one is a marc jacobs the other is a chloe pad shopper, the marc jacobs is showing but the chloe haven't been post yet. Since this is a 7 days auction my poor chloe bag is already missing her debut to all the buyer out there. I haven't receive any notice from eBay if they going to pull the listing. still trying to figure out eBay:confused1: Oh , but eBay already charging me a listing fee for both :cursing:
  2. Sounds really frustrating, I can understand why you're mad. Hopefully they'll be listed for you by this weekend, when everyone will be doing their searches. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  3. I see your Chloe. ;) Great buy.
  4. Thanks guys, finally it up took almost a day for them to post my listing. Hopefully it will go to a good home soon. Bbag i'm almost there :yes:
  5. i recently listed some things as well. i had the same problem. i spoke with two different live help customer service reps, and they are now doing this 10 hour review period for designer listings. they must have just started doing this, as i have never experienced it with ebay before, and i sell frequently. apparently they are doing it to cut back on fakes, and i think it's working, but it's rather frustrating when you pay for a certain auction time ( 7 days for example) and they dont have your item available for a good half a day!