What is with the straw cowboy hats I keep seeing?

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  1. I started to see them on reality tv (real housewives) and thought 'that looks stupid' then I started seeing them on other tv shows and in stores then finally saw someone wearing one. At the time I thought she looked stupid in it (mainly because she was inside a store wearing it) but now they are starting to grow on me. Is this the new trend? Straw cowboy hats. Does anyone own one and wear it? I'm not ready to run out and get one to be honest, still trying to make up my mind if I hate it or love it.

    Sorry if someone already posted this, I did do a search and couldn't find a thread.
  2. Mm, trend or not, straw cowboy hats are definitely not for me! I haven't seen anyone IRL wear them, but even if they pick up, they just strike me as a little bit silly.
  3. DF wears one to mow the lawn. I think he scares the neighbors. :lol:
  4. You see it alot in Vegas.....But anything goes there!
  5. I dunno if it's a trend or not...I live in the praries so people wear them all the time.
  6. lol, my brother had one on the other day when i went by to see him at work.. i laughed at him and was like what in the world...we are on the east coast and its cold here, i think he needs a knit warm hat...lol
    no hats fit me properly... so i know i cant do this
  7. Ok so I have one:shame: I bought it while on vacation in Maui a few years back and looked rather cute in it (if I must say so myself :yes: )

    However, I ONLY wore it in Maui and wouldn't dream of wearing it here at home (DC Metropolitan area - even though I brought it back :nogood: I absolutely would get laughed outta town for sure.
  8. My boyfriend all his friends wear them but they're from the country and only really wear them for concerts and stuff and they're all quite fashionable outside the hats and cut-offs!
  9. They look really dumb to me! I wont be following that trend, i can promise you that!

    Really?:confused1: I've never seen them lol!
  10. I have one and wear it in honour of my late DF who was into the country scene sometimes when I'm having a bad day. I might buy another this summer.

    They were really trendy in the vancouver area a few years ago but I thought the "trend" was out. Sounds like it's comming back in

    All that aside they are a good way to keep cool at the beach/pool.
  11. ^They're still trendy in the Valley:P

    Sorry to hear about your DF *hug*
  12. I have one somewhere that I managed to lose again. I wear it periodically when we go to county fairs or derbys. We tend to do alot of country-type things, and they've never really gone out in my crowd. I'd feel weird wearing it in the city though.
  13. I have that I bought at Old Navy at least two years ago, but I only wear it on vacation at the beach! It was one of he foldable/moldable straw hats so its lost its shape. Time to toss it out. I like the look with a bikini on the beach, but nowhere else!
  14. I'm from Texas and I can tell you we don't call it a "trend"..I think ppl who obviously aren't from the country (city ppl--I see them all over nyc!:tdown:) who wear them look silly.

    I think all the young celebs in Hollywood made it a "trend"...It's a country thing! I can tell you one thing, I wear my cowboy hat proudly when I'm in TX or when I'm riding a horse--that is the true purpose of a cowboy hat, after all!

    I don't usually wear it here often.. :sad: