What is with the Heritage colors??

  1. nope....interesting!
  2. Thats cute! If I was going to be having a baby anytime soon I would pick one up!
  3. I thought it was just a different color until I read the description and it's style number 11763. And they says it's the multifunction tote with a diaper changing pad...

    Interesting... I wonder where the heck this come from?
  4. i JUST saw that too! it looks lilac to me. is it a diff size??
    just noticed the diff item #...hmmmmm??
  5. This is what the description is:

    Coach Heritage Signature Stripe Multifunction Tote (or Baby Bag)
    Style: 11763
    Color: Khaki/Pink
    Inside zip pocket
    Five open pockets inside
    Diaper changing pad
    Pockets on both front and back
    Two side pockets
    Zip-top closure
    New Signature Coated Cotton Canvas
    TATTERSALL Fabric lining
    Detachable shoulder strap
    15 1/2 (L) x 11 3/4 (H) x 5 1/2 (W)
  6. I love that bag! I don't have a baby, but think it could be a great work/laptop bag! Any idea how much?
  7. I am looking for a cute baby bridal shower present for my girlfriend who is having a boy .. do they make the blue 2??
  8. I'm assuming it comes in more colors but this is the only oneI have seen...
  9. i just saw this the other day at my coach boutique...it does come in blue, pink and one other color (i think it was brown..but i'm not 100% sure)...the pink and blue on this bag are different than the pink and blue on the totes...it is a more lilac or mauvy pink and i like this pink way more than the pink on the tote...it's a great big bag for work or school...it's way bigger than the large heritage stripe tote...i think the SA told me it was $428 or $458...don't remember exactly..but somewhere around there...
  10. :love: :drool:
    Coach really knows how to do Pink and Lilac, I must say...
  11. It comes in pink, blue, and dark brown. The difference in colors is that the whole bag is trimmed in the same color instead of the leather trim being a darker shade like the handbags. The pink is a baby pink, the blue is baby blue and the dark brown is just dark brown all over. I really like this and wish I had a reason to buy one!!
  12. Is it authentic??? I just dont like private listings for some reason, it is just me. Paranoic, lol.