What is with all the new "crazy" buyers out there?

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  1. It's hard enough to sell an item these days on ebay. And when you do it is to a "new" buyer with 0 FB. Then you sit and wait, and wait, and wait some more until you finally figure out that "hey, they just aren't going pay". Or you get one like today that pays and then when you get ready to ship it you get another email saying they "just don't want the item anymore" OR todays winner claiming my authentic bag is a fake! UGH!!! What do I do??? Of course its authentic. I have over 900 +FB and I get someone with 0 FB claiming I am scamming them selling a fake. I know I really should refund and get the heck away, but it just makes me angry when they say something that I know is NOT true! Plus, I really need the money for this bag! So what do I do? Go ahead and ship it or just play her game and refund? I sent her an email directing her to come to TPF to get it authenticated, but i just imagine she just changed her mind about the bag. Then she will probably put in a claim with PP and I will have to refund anyways:cursing:. So WWYD????
  2. I had an item listed for at least $50 less than any other seller of the same item, and a 0 feedback buyer asked if she could pay $50 less than what I had it listed for, and free shipping. Some buyers have some nerve...

    I am so sorry about your recent experience. How easy is it to win a claim with Paypal concerning authenticity? Wouldn't the buyer need some kind of written proof?
  3. I know it is getting crazy.
    I got one telling me how much I should discount the shipping for if they won more than one auction.
    Also another one telling me how I had to ship the package, which is the way I dont it any way, or they would not except the item when it arrived cause it might be damaged.

  4. Pah, mine isn't even new but she won an auction a few days ago and as always, I send invoices each day they don't pay, just as a reminder.
    Well she responded to one today very rudely, telling me to stop sending her invoices and that she'd send her payment when she got home from work.
    Well geez, it would be nice if she would have at least emailed me to let me know that (say...2 days ago?) but no, that would be too easy.

    She's a seller too and has had some items I've been interested in but definitely not anymore. I'm just afraid of what she'll do to my feedback now. :sad:
  5. I think the economy is making everyone go a bit crazy. We ladies all want things we cant always afford and then I suppose some people bid and then realise they can t pay. I hope things improve soon.
  6. I notice many more people from overseas are bidding on my stuff.
  7. *UPDATE*
    Well the 1 buyer who paid yesterday & then wanted her $ back because she thought it was a fake-well I emailed her telling her why it WAS completely authentic. I even sent her a few other ebay auctions of the same bag, and sent her here to authenticate. Well she responded back last night saying she had goten bad advice and she now wants the bag! So I got it all packed up & ready to go! So it worked out (so Far).
  8. I had 10 auctions that ended a couple of weeks ago. Six went off perfectly. The other four have been nightmares!

    I had one 0 feedback bidder that ignored my invoices and emails until I filed to get my fees back. They then said they responded to all my emails asking for an address to send a money order. I only accept Paypal and that is clearly stated in my auction. When I said I preferred to relist the bag they told me how rude I was being.

    I had a 20 FB buyer who told me after 4 invoices/emails over a week's time that she bid in haste and had no intention of purchasing the item (might have been nice to know at the beginning of the week!) and that I could play the "little retailiation game if a wanted to but she really didn't care." I'm still not clear on why the bay thinks I shouldn't be about to leave fb for these losers. When I filed for my fees, she sent back an email stating "fine. I don't care if I get a strike from you. I am SO DONE WITH You." Stupid, immature buyer. So I suppose I should just suck up the fees because they are an idiot?

    The third never leaves pleasant FB although hers of course is good (stupid FB rules again). She has 20 feedback compared to my 950 and dares to accuse me of sending her a gold plated or 10K necklace instead of the 14k I advertised and actually sent? Umm the necklace is 14k and was tested as such. She has harrassed me for the last 2 weeks. She only stopped emailing me when I told her to file a Paypal claim or leave me alone. Haven't heard from her in three days (crossing fingers)!

    The fourth (with 3 FB!) purchased my LE Coach Madison Framed bag for $200 and couldn't get why I wouldn't send it to an unconfirmed address. That took three phone calls and 6 emails to straighten out.

    At this point I hate the bay.
  9. So many non paying bidders and scammers at nowadays, I guess it's due to the economy reason :s

    Now, to prevent my auctions from NPB, I setup fixed listing with immediately payment and I refund payment from suspicious buyer, I affraid of scammer since many people really don't mind to scam other however their good reputation on eBay, they even able to make theirself look as the victim while they're NOT, uhhh...

    Use fixed listing with immediately payment required, it's success to minimize NPB amount.