What is what?

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  1. Ok so I found out that there is a Coach Legacy Signature Cotton Slim Tote and then I saw this one that Lacey c. had on in the Celebs and Coach thread...

    What is hers? They look almost identical?

    Is anyone planning on getting the cotton slim tote?
    a_laceytote.jpg cottonslimtote.jpg
  2. The tote she is carrying is the one from last year's cotton legacy collection. It is almost the same except for the pocket I believe. Her tote's pocket has a buckle, where this year's has a turnlock.
  3. Hers may be last year's version......it looks shorter and wider.....
  4. Are the last year ones still available anywhere?

    I never knew the Cotton Legacy line had already been released before. I thought it was brand new.
  5. You might be able to find some on eBay, or try calling the 1-800 number for Coach and give them the style number in case they have some lying around.