What is Washed Caviar GST for S/S 2008??

  1. I have read on the forum about the GST coming out in "washed caviar"??? I have NO IDEA what that means.. can someone please help?

    also.. i know Gst came out with bordeaux as a LE color before. Do you think it will come in different colors for the next season also??

    I would love to get a GST, but none of the existing colors really excite me with the exception of MAYBE navy!! Please help, i love the size and functions of the gst.. but a different color and material will be superb!!!:p
  2. Well, my SA told me about the washed caviar GST and I talked to the Chanel buyer about it as well. The Chanel buyer said it will have the durability of caviar, without the super pebbly texture (so it will be smooth, similar to lambskin but not as delicate). :yes: She said she will be getting one for herself, which to me says a lot.

    Chanel Ala Moana will for sure be getting it in beige, white, and black. All I believe with silver hardware.
  3. Will it look like the modern chain leather? I wonder if it will be as structured...
  4. ^I would think it would still be as sturdy and structured. The new black GST is on my wishlist, I hope the bag lives up to all the hype!
  5. so just those few colors?! hmm.... i am kinda disappointed.. but on the other hand excited about the new leather.. hmm... i guess we all need to wait and see!
  6. Just got this in part of an email from my SA:

    "The S/S tote in the large size will come in only black and white while the smaller size will come in both colors as well as pink and red. It will come with the silver hardware."

    By smaller size I'm fairly sure she means the PST, but she could also *possibly* mean the small timeless tote (the really tiny one). I'm not really sure.

  7. thanks for the info.. a pst in red.. hmm.. sounds yummy!!!
  8. ^I'm not sure what other colors will be released for this new washed caviar. I'm not quite sure whether the colors she told me in the email will be the ones that Chanel Ala Moana ordered, or if those are the only ones CHANEL is producing. Hehe, I'm excited. I reserved the GST in black. Hopefully by that time I'll be able to get another. I went kinda crazy this year...
  9. I'd love to see a photo. I can't believe they are only doing a few colours though.
  10. oohhh I can't wait to see this!!
  11. ^^
    I'm with you, I can't wait! please post pics when you get your bag!
  12. I'm thinking that the washed caviar will be the same as the washed caviar used on the baby cabas, but I guess we'll have to wait and see!!! :sweatdrop:
  13. Hmm, good question! :p It sounds to me like the washed caviar will be the same caviar that was used on the hybrid flaps. :smile: That caviar is softer than the usual caviar, isn't as pebbly, but is just as durable... if it is the case, it also seems in keeping with what the SA told missisa07! :smile: Here is a picture of my white soft caviar hybrid flap... it isn't all that great (my photography skills suck haha), but you can see (I hope hehe!) that the caviar isn't as pebbly. :smile:

    The reason I haven't bought the GST yet is because it seems too stiff.. if that's the caviar that's gonna be used for the new GSTs... my bf is looking at another dent in his wallet in the near future :sweatdrop:...

    do we know when this will be released??
  15. thanks fieryfashionist... the GST will look gorgeous!