What is/was YOUR NickName?

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  1. Growing up did you have a nickname someone gave you? Do you still have it to this day? What is it?

    Mine was LuLu:flowers:
  2. My dad used to call me Dubba. Neither of us remember when he started calling me that or what it means, but I have it engraved on my Tiffany Heart Tag bracelet.
  3. My nickname in high school was mom...lol the mom of the group. Ironically, later it was kiddo, because I was very young in older, male dominated field when I started work.
  4. I have the very erm, unfortunate nickname of "Wuzzly Puff". It wasn't my nickname growing up, but that's what SO calls me...
  5. I have so many nicknames. Here are the ones I can remember:

    Quela, Chacha, Rocky, Rock, Rocafella, RockL, RockL from Texas, Texas, Flip Flop, Flip, Floppers, Racoon, & Swata
  6. I never had a nick name everyone has always called me by my first name. I've always longed for a nickname. My middle name is Patricia. So I always wanted to use it since there are so many nicknames associated with Patricia but it never caught on. No, wait I do have a nick name, my husband calls me Bologna, sometimes. Did I spell it right? I find it very obnoxious so it doesn't count!
  7. My name is Diana so I got called "Di" all the time...and "princess Di". My college friends called me this all the time but no one does now except my brothers occasionally.
  8. When i was growing up i was "Boo Boo", "Boo", "Baby Boo" (all from my Dad.)

    "Janvier" It's said like "jon vee ay" with a soft J and a long A. Well, January in French. (my mom's nickname for me)

    Also she sometimes called me "John Henry". Didn't he help build the railroad?

    Anyway, my family sometimes calls me "Jens".

    In school i was "Cleo" or "Cleopatra".

    My Father-in-law calls me Jennifleur or Fleur.

    DH calls me "Log". Don't ask. hahaha
  9. Well I've had quite a few, but one of most memorable/embarassing was:

    "Hot Lips" - Given to me in kindergarten by girls who thought the only reason why I would want to hang out with guys is to kiss them. :rolleyes: It stuck till well after 8th grade!
  10. "Pani" means daughter in my language- that's what I am called by my dad

    My Inupiaq name is Katuk- I'm called by that name a lot here in Barrow

    I was named after the GF of my Dad's best friend who died- Her nickname was "Vee-vee" I was called that lovingly by the community all through my life and her best friends who miss her
  11. My mom and siblings call me Deesie, cuz my real name is Denise. And lately my dad has been calling me Denise Hilton..... :Push:
  12. Close family and friends have always called me by my middle name, Bryant. If I heard my first name used by my Mom, Dad, or any of our close friends I probably wouldn't realize they were talking to me, lol. Dad calls me pumpkin head, sweet pea, and a couple others, SO calls me pumpkin head also, or woogie, and some other ones that are equally ridiculous :rolleyes:
  13. when my father was alive, it was pumpkin or angel for sure. even tho i was NO angel, he knew that and loved me anyway. oh RIP dadda-

    anywho NOW i have a gayman... and his nicknames are Gayman or Mouth... and he calls me Mouth too.

    Mouth is our household nickname. officially "Mouth Inc"

    :love: it LOL

    (the reasoning behind that, is that we're both MOUTHY!)
  14. Cindy Lou was started by my sister and its stuck around to this day.
  15. Bean.
    It started in high school and some people still call me it to this day. It started when someone I knew called someone else named Joanna, JoJoBean. So she added it to mine and then my friends thought it was cute and cut my name off and I'm still Bean to this day.
    Also, I think they all knew how much I love Tale of the Bunny Picnic (Muppet movie) and the main char is Bean.

    Oh yeah, and Aspy. I used to use the name Aspasia for video games and RP games. My friends started shortening it to Aspy and it stuck.