What is Vuittonite?

  1. I'm looking at the cerises bucket and the seller states "Interior is lined in red washable Vuittonite." She said Vuittonite is a patented vinyl. Is it correct?

    I thought the cerises bucket is lined with red leather.

    Thank you :yes:
  2. I've seen that quite a few times on eBay auctions... when I searched it on Yahoo!, the sites that used the word were mainly "Grade AAAA+ Replica Handbags" websites? :shrugs:
  3. It's the name of the older style of lining, before the cotton lining.

    This was a problem in more humid places like Japan (rotten pockets !).
  4. Does it mean the seller is selling fake or Cerises bucket is really lined with red Vuittonite not real red leather like she said?
  5. It depends, it could be that the seller is just trying to throw around terms. If you have questions about the bucket's authenticity, remember to post pictures or a link in the authenticate this thread. It's hard to say anything without the photos. :smile:
  6. Vuittonite is still used for monogram bucket bags (not epi). It is a vinyl like material that can be cleaned with a moist cloth. It is hard to describe. Some buckets rot out due to excess moisuture as ayla said. If you look at some older model buckets on ebay you'll see a lot of people have had to have the vuittonite lining changed out. I have heard stickiness in the material has been a problem for some too. I am not sure if LV has improved the lining. Cerises buckets all have red vuittonite lining, so it's not a fake based on that reason alone.
  7. Thank you so much everyone for helping me. :heart:
  8. The Sac Plat also has Vuittonite lining. =)
  9. wow that's so weird that i never knew that. lol. learn something new everyday. hehe. :smile:
  10. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was on the inside of one of my gf's bucket, i thought it was leather hahahha!!