WHAT!?!?! is Vegas Barneys THINKING!?!?!

  1. i called Vegas the Barneys yesterday in search of a pt bag in a darker color. when asked what leather the bag is (chevre vs agneau) indicating to the SA that the card tags should say it.....she responded "oh we throw away all those tags". i didn't know this was new policy but she told me this is how the vegas Barneys does it. :confused1::confused1: so i started to tell her that this is proof of authenticity at time of resell and etc.

    anyhow, she did tried to find out what the leather of the bag is. the year is 2007 and she said all their bags are not goat but calf since 2001?!?!

    hmmm i wonder what the whole story is behind the leather process but i'm sort of upset at the inconsistency of what each store does :cursing: i would never buy a bag w/o tags!!

    have anyone had a similar experience w/ the Barneys in Vegas?
  2. It might be worth chatting to another SA. While the lady I spoke to was lovely, she also knew nothing. Its a sad day when you have someone like me educating you. There is a chance that she got it wrong.

  3. If that's true, that would deter me from buying from them. As everyone knows, those cards are important!
  4. I have been amazed at how little the SA's know about Bal bags. She sounds like one who knows nothing at all.
  5. I hate calling Barney's. :cursing:The sas are rude and clueless. I called yesterday looking for the EB City and asked a question about the texture of the leather and the sa told me "it looks like all the other Balenciaga bags we have here.":wtf:I have better luck with NM, Saks and BalNY.:tup:And throwing the auth. cards away? what is that all about?:wtf::shocked:
  6. Yea the sa's for alot of dept stores honestly is so bad. Its a good thing that I know what I want and am talking about if not it would be a mess.

    Yesterday at Barneys I was looking at 2 eb city's comparing the leathers between them and the sa says 'they are both the same. They are all the same' I said 'well they are leather bags, all leathers differ a little. They are not really identical because its skin so they will vary a bit' she didn't say anything.

    I'll never forget when I called an sa once and asked about a colour and he replied 'well its very shiny' wtf has that got to do with describing colour?

    That's scary about throwing cards away though... Wow. Stay away from that!
  7. :roflmfao: I know exactly what you mean. I made the mistake one time of calling the service line for Circuit City. Naturally all their calls route through India. Now I'm fine with that because a). Indians learn English English typically, so I can pick up on the inflections. b). The level of education is typically a lot higher than most service desks. Of course they have the weird trait of being taught again how to speak "English" with American accents. This guy I got didn't speak very good English, in fact it was crap and he insisted on using a Texas accent. God awful grammar. So I told him "sorry but your grammar is really bad, and you're really not making sense". He then changes his American accent to more Californian and says "I will talk really slowly so you understand", I said "How does that help with you not making sense?". Lord help!!

    I rant...

  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:i have the same problem w/ my bank company. they out source their calls to india and heck i have a TERRIBLY hard time understanding anything they say!! they sound more robotic than ever where they are just spitting out the information and not thinking about the ques you ask...any how going back to bal bags, i'm impressed when SA know their bal stuff but sometimes if i don't think you know what you're talking about over the phone, i think twice about the purchase.

    i hope the sa i spoke to mistaken the information as i would hate to think that they lose sales as a result of a change in tag policy
  9. :cursing: WTF?!?! Why would they do that? Sometimes the only way I can confirm that an SA is actually sending me the bag that I'm looking for is to have them read the year and the "1" or the "3" off the tag, and I have actually avoided being sent the wrong bag by doing this. Well, I know that this is one Barney's location that I will definitely never call!!
  10. CALf? :rolleyes:

    you're definitely right about the tags, though. Bbags should always come with tags. :yes:
  11. I havent' seen many stores that actually throw away the tags. Let's up the SA was just uneducated. Some Barneys have very knowledgable SAs, however, and they are quite helpful. Isn't the Vegas Barney's quite new? If so, they might have a lot of inexerpeicned people working there.
  12. i did tell her that the other barneys don't throw away their tags but she said its the policy of the vegas store and they do as they're told :push:
  13. That is really insane. I can't say that I am a fan of Barney's in general. I went to the Chicago location and wasn't treated very nicely. I'm shocked that they would throw the cards away. I wonder if the SA was confused or brand new? You could always try calling the manager of the designer handbags dept. to get clarification...
  14. Yeah... but here, they also throw away the boxes and dust bags... the last Day I got didn't have the dust bag, so I got one from Fendi. :mad: Well the bag was 30 % off so I took it as it's meant to be used, and not stored... but that irked me! And for them it wasn't a big deal... just a dust bag.
  15. 'Quote from Mabli.."oh we throw away all those tags". I didn't know this was new policy but she told me this is how the Vegas barneys does it. :confused1::confused1: so i started to tell her that this is proof of authenticity at time of resell and etc. '

    Mabli..what an awful tale..I am dealing with the lack of an Authenticity card also..Mine is from LVAuthentic out of Hong Kong.. I bought an '06 Camel City from their online site..I deliberately did NOT buy it through their eBay listing for a similar Camel City as I thought it would be safer going through their own site..The bag arrived, I love it..BUT..NO card anywhere in the package nor in the bag itself, also No spare tassels and so I emailed Harry who returned an email suggesting that I had not looked carefully enough in the zippered front pocket..so I had my DH and a DD also search, no card nor tassels..I emailed two more times and Harry sent back the photo of the bag from his Site taken by his photographer, saying that this photo PROVED that the bag had been sent to me with everything included..well, the photo was taken a month before I purchased the bag and I politely suggested that as I needed the card in case I ever sold this City, his photographer may have been the person who misplaced the card and tassels, I asked him to enquire, and to please send them on to me..the reply I got back said "Hi Penny, I am sorry about this and I will try to find out if someone misplaced it. Will keep you posted. Happy Shopping! " I love the bag, and do not know what else to do..sorry to highjack your Thread Mabli, but just had to vent when I read the above quote about needing your card to authenticate..