what is ur wishlist of next YSL bags???

  1. hey...ladies...x'mas and new year are coming...let's make a wishlist of our next YSL bags!!!
    mine would be a embossed croc catwalk in grey and a medium downtown in ivory (or violet)
  2. Capri flap in black patent (I have it on hold:graucho:)
  3. i like the black and white downtowon !
  4. mine is the medium, or large muse in black, can't decide on the size yet though...
  5. I cheated on Louis (shhhhhhh) and bought an OS Muse in black patent......I am hoping I like it when it arrives !!!!!
  6. I'm on the hunt for O/S biscotti muse!

    travelbliss - I have the O/S black patent Muse ... TDF! Hope you love it, too!

  7. congrats!!! dont forget to post pics when u got it!!!:wlae:
  8. Catwalk in black and Pure in whatever green shade they have...