what is ur next gucci purchase.....

  1. well my next gucci purchase is gonna be a wallet 2 match with my resently purchased bag (if pic doesnt appear then post one soon) whats urs

  2. My Princy brown guccissima leather hobo. I love it so much I think I am going to be getting it in black soon.
  3. A small beige waistbag or a messenger bag in beige canvas. But before that I have several LV items to get...
  4. I want a gucci brit flat thong and a clutch
  5. I want a black guccissima belt with that huge GG buckle!
  6. I'd love a black guccissima:heart:, but I'd also love something from Chanel and BV and more LV and....better go and do the dishes, LOL
  7. Not sure...I think I want a pair of very cute sandals.....
  8. I want one of the navy 'boulevard' bags, havent decided which shape I want. I really need to try them on first. :yes:


  9. probably go to the outlet in july :smile: so don't know now what my next purchase will be :smile:
  10. I have my eyes set on a princy boston bag now, but my mind change so quickly!
  11. I am not really planning on buying something from gucci, next on my wishlist is chanel and lv, but if I would, I would buy sunglasses or shoes
  12. mm mmm mmm i dont know! Im picking up my cute little black bag finnaaaaaaallllly today!! I'm crazy excited!! Other than that, dare i say it...i actually am thinking of getting a LV. *GASP*
  13. Same here.
  14. [​IMG]
    Indy Medium Top Handle :love:

    Maybe this one. It was gorgeous IRL!

  15. Mine will be the gucci peggy in the fabric with white leather....cant wait :wlae: