what is ur faveorite kind of bag

  1. handheld
    shoulder strap
    or xbody
  2. I prefer handheld.
  3. Handheld.
  4. tough choice, I guess I would go with handheld.
  5. Handheld
  6. handheld! bags to me just look so much classier when carried on the wrist/forearm
  7. Oh but it depends! Handheld/wrist for Bbags....shoulder bags for my Koobas/Fiores etc.! I can't make up my mind!!! :yahoo:
  8. I used to always love shoulder bags, but I always wear the cabas on my forearm because it feels classier to me. I wear it on my shoulder though if my hands are full.
  9. My favorite are hobo style handbags worn on the shoulder. Handheld bags look classy and powerful but are not for me. I'm more into the laid back casual look.
  10. Handheld. Much more feminine and classy in my opinion.
  11. I like them all!

    Handheld for a night out, xbody for shopping/action items, shoulder for work. That's why I need so many :p
  12. I have to say handheld because some of them have straps big enough for me to get over my shoulder too :yahoo:
  13. I think hand held looks the nicest, but I always end up going back to my shoulder strap bags for comfort, especially when shopping.:smile: IMG_0001_6.jpg
  14. handheld.
  15. I love the look of the handheld, but up until last week, I'd carried a handheld since Christmas & the thing was driving me insane!!! I switched to my black leather Cynthia Rowley shoulder bag for comfort but I know I'll be back to a handheld before too long!