what is up with...

  1. Kathy Van Zeeland?

    i've seen some cute lookin bags and am wondering about them. does anyone own them? what is their quality? opinionssss???

    ETA: teehee, i did my homework, they're like, fake leather. yeah i'd buy em for a teenager.
  2. I love my KVZ! I found it last year for $17 at Macy's and it's black, fake suede with a lovely removable charm. I bought a red KVZ for my younger sister. They are cute and probably appeal to the younger crowd, but I really do like mine.
  3. The first time I became familiar with this brand was a few weeks ago when I was stuck in bed for 4 days straight with the wost flu/cold imaginable....in my boredom and desperation I found myself watching QVC, and they had Kathy herself in studio that day talking about her bags. She seemed like a nice lady and I thought they were reasonably priced, I went as far as to look them up on the QVC website to get a closer look. I don't know how much you watch QVC but they always have viewers/buyers call in to talk about how much they like the item/brand and when I heard these ladies calling in to talk about how they love KVZ because her designs are perfect for going to lunch and taking on cruises....that's when I snapped out of my delirious state and realized that, although they're not bad, they're not for me :s
  4. I have seen them around town and at TJ Max, but I have held off because of the pleather. I may get one, I want a fun bag!
  5. yeah the pleather turns me off, but they are SOOOO squishy! thats why i think i might get one :yes: i'm still debating it, but they do mirror a few designers that do the big squishy thing... i suppose i could purchase one of these and fantasize lol! they're cute and the fact that the charms are REMOVABLE is a plus ;) they can go on my keychain lmao
  6. i think some of her bags are pretty expensive for pleather.
  7. totally agree. i think it's cause she's mirroring a few high end designers and i dont quite know if it justifies.
  8. Vicious,

    Kathy's bags are priced cheap when you find them at TJ Maxx or something like that. Then when you see them at Macy's they are priced moderately. My mom LOVES Kathy's bags. She's had one for a long time. They hold up pretty well. Some of them look good and some look tacky. It's all in what you are looking for.
    I don't post much about QVC (the home shopping network) but they've got a great selection there. If you order one and you carry it a few days, you can return it with no problems for up to 30 days. I'm on waitlist for a "pink" Kathy Van Zeeland purse right now. I like them:p
  9. they hold up just fine, don't fall apart. I have one fun Kathy Zeeland bag that's an army camouflage pattern and it matches the shoes that I have, so I am happy. I got it for $17 at Macy's. I look at it as just a fun bag to match and I am not afraid if it gets ruined or whatever. I'd say go for it if you see a great design on sale.
  10. I've owned two KVZ bags. The first one was a butter-colored double handle large satchel. It was great. Perfect size, very chic, not overly-blinged like many of her bags. Problem was that the color faded very quickly and it looked tired and worn out after just a couple of months. I was disappointed because I really liked that bag.

    I also have a KVZ bronze studded hobo. It has plenty of bling and doo-dads attached. I don't carry it very often, but when I'm in the mood for something flashy, that's my go-to bag. It's very soft and the bronze color matches well with almost all my clothes.

    I see a lot of her bags in TJMaxx. Most of them aren't my style, but I'll ocassionally come across one that I like.
  11. I have several- I like her fabric bags better than the fake leather. They're decent bags for the money- I do alot of sale shopping at Dillard's and you can get KVZ bags there for $20-30 on clearance. They're fun bags for jeans and going out (I HATE HATE HATE to take good bags to bars- if they don't get spilled on or burned by some careless jerk they end up smelling like they've been held hostage by The Marlboro Man and that grosses me out)
  12. I like them. They're fun and inexpensive. I wear them when I don't want to get my other purses dirty.
  13. Most of them are too blingy for me, but occasion on I'll see one I like. Beside looking too flashy, I am the kind to worry that the bling would start falling off of the bag over time.
  14. I had one, had to have it, it haunted me. LOL. It was a fun leopard one with tons of bling on it. It was fun for a season and then I donated it to charity. It was what I needed and wanted at the time. I did like the pockets it had, and the shoulder strap was a nice length.
  15. i think i might buy one and use it until i'm not "feelin it" anymore, and then give it away as a gift. i know a few gals that just won't indulge in bags, and even if it's not a high end designer, it'd be a nice gesture i think ;)

    ETA: that bar idea is also smart, AND for a rainy day it would be a good idea as well. i wouldn't feel so guilty carrying one of those outside, and some of them are big enough to fit a coach pocket pouch in as well hehe