What is up with this Rebecca Minkoff???

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  1. I just found the "Rebbecca Minkoff hot spot" and posted this link there too...
  2. Its fine. The bag is one of the earlier RM models.
  3. ^By the way...is that a FOOT!?
  4. ok.Cool...I thought maybe it was... I'm Learning :smile:

    Yes. It IS a foot...I think that photo is so awesome. I guess it might be a little freaky to some folks :smile: but I think if you've experienced it, ya know...it's pretty cool.

    plus I'm expecting, so I thought it was an appropriate image for my avatar :smile:
  5. Bid on it girlfriend!! I just WON a lovely Matinee on e-bay that I am head over heels with! There's no way my hubby is going to let me bid on anything else anytime soon. lol.
    otherwise I'd be all over it :smile::girlsigh:
  6. i would LOVE to, but i already have 3 RM's and a HH Pallenburg duffel on the way.
  7. Nice!!!
    LOVE the RMs!
    Congrats on your new buys!
  8. I am thinking of buying a HH Pallenburg duffel. Let me know what you think.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.