What is up with the shiny leggings?

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  1. I just came across this pic and saw one of Lauren Conrad wearing similar ones a few days ago. I am not liking this look at all. Do any of you fashionistas rock this look? Or are you guys as appalled as I am?

    Pic on next post...
  2. [​IMG]
  3. no...it doesn't bother me at least she has the legs for them
  4. It has nothing to do with how nice someones legs are in my mind. I think they are kinda tacky looking...
  5. It's kinda disco. I would rock that.
  6. i think it's alright, though i couldn't pull it off. a lot of people are into the
    Lamé legging because it has a similar look to skintight leather/latex pants.
  7. She looks hot, I could name much worse trends out there :rolleyes:

    Well somehow she even makes a sack-shaped sweater-coat thing look good.
  8. The black is not so bad IMO...
    I do not like the liquid gold and silver leggings though.
  9. I already hate leggings, making them shiny or sparkly does not help!
  10. i like them! i love leggings especially because they are just so damn comfortable.
  11. i have a shiny pair that i don't wear alot, but when i do, i love the look...
  12. ahhh. i think they're really tacky. especially the metallic ones from American Apparel.

    i have very muscular legs, so anything super tight and shiny is an instant no-no. and generally, regardless of size, i find shiny leggings to be incredibly unflattering.
  13. shiny legging like AA or lycra leggings have been popular here for the past year, I personally like them.
  14. anyone got anymore pics??