What is up with the major increase in counterfeit/fakes on eBay?

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  1. Am I the only one who has noticed that maybe in the last month or so, there are a ton of listings coming up with counterfeit LV bags, all these listing are from sellers with below 5 feedbacks, most with zero feedbacks, I have reported every one I see come up, and must say eBay only removes about 1/3 or less. I am pretty much done reporting! So freaking irritating!:cursing:
  2. Maybe they were "gifts" received over ther holidays and now these sellers need to unload them. :lol:
  3. LMAO!!!!! oh the famous gift line its soooo old

  4. ITA!!!! :yes::yes:

  5. Based upon what I've seen, I think they're just scamsters...
  6. i report them all the time and find that they dont get taken down!
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    A few months ago I sold a Coach bag on ebay - it was a bag I bought at Last Call but never used. I noticed that the vast majority of the Coach bags on ebay were fakes...alot of them are pretty good fakes though; it's VERY hard to tell, you need to know what to look for. It is very unfortunate because it then makes it hard for honest people to resell their authentic bags (I was afraid to sell the bag for what it was worth, feared no one would buy)- there's a paranoia about buying anything high $$ - and it seems eBay doesn't work to protect either the buyer or seller. It's shameful.
  8. ITA...there has been alot. I think ebay needs a certain number of reports for a particular posting before they do anything about it.
  9. Geebus, there are tonssss of fakes on ebay and I do my best to report them and sometimes the listings doesn't even get removed. I agree with you Danieli, it is super irritating!!
  10. Yup :yes: There is a definite increase...when i'm browsing I am always busy reporting too!