What is up with Steve Madden?

  1. I was going to throw a temper tantrum on the Chanel forum the other day because Steve Madden has come out with a cheap plastic bag that is a dead ringer for the Cocos Cabas. I calmed myself though...until tonight.

    Now look at this! I don't mind when designers make affordable bags that are similar to designer bags, but I am tired of blatant copy cat bags. This model is a copy cat from Miu Miu's '07 collection, but still I feel that Steve Madden needs to get his/her/their own ideas.

    There I'm done ;) - M
  2. LOL! It's not just Steve Madden. Nine West has had very similar designs to Prada shoes for a long time. When I was in Singapore, I saw many 'lookalike' bows by a local designer called Charles and Keith. It was almost identical to the bow satchel except that it was made of PVC and had no bows. Hahahaha. The entire store was full of rip-offs from well known designer shoes and bags.

    As long as you know that you are carrying the real thing.

    It's great weather in LA today, I think I'll take my cream bow out for a SPIN! :heart:

  3. whoa, that is a complete copy! i hate that too!:cursing:
  4. Charles and Keith is known to make exact copies of popular bags. They were recently spotted copying Rebecca Minkoff bags and her bags are not even mainstream yet. Its not uncommon to see this happen. Lots of cheaper brands copy the style of designer bags to attract more customers. I know I have bought a few without even realizing it. Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done. Its sad to see the lack of creativity =(
  5. steve madden is a trip. he had to pull an entire line because it looked EXACTLY like jimmy choo's line and choo was gonna sue (ahahha i rhymed)
  6. Yeah, it's sad to see people who call themselves "designers" basically rip off someone else's designs. I was on luxcouture.com and noticed a lovely python bag that looked exactly like the new Gryson line...I mean EXACTLY like their Olivia. I was shocked to find out it was a total copy! Here's what I mean:
    [​IMG]and this one:
    I mean, besides the colors, anyone notice any differences? I'd be pi$$ed off if I was Gryson!
  7. I know everyone copies to some extent, but I had to get it off of my chest. The one I was really shocked about was when Jimmy Choo came out with a pretty obvious copy of the Fendi B Bag. :wtf:

    I just like to see a little imagination...
  8. All Steve Madden does is copy other's designs and sells them for cheaper.