What is up with my body?

  1. So I started a thread about my AF and how disappointed I was in seeing her:cursing:...
    Well she must have felt unwelcomed because she was only here for 2 days?
    WTF?!? Have you ever had such a short period? :confused1::confused1:
    Now I am totally confused, should I already start charting my CM Day 3 of my cycle?:sad:
    Even when I was on BC, AF would be here for 4 days.
    This ever happen to you?:shrugs:
  2. Was this a normal flow period? Maybe it was implantation bleeding?
  3. ^^ could be... were you flowing or was it spotting.
  4. Ya know my AF this time has been weird too. Hardly no heavy days, which is weird. And it appears that I am getting close to it being over and at 4 days that is a far cry from the normal 7 days I usually go.
  5. It was a heavy flow for 2 days, so implantation bleeding not an option.