What is up with FedEx??

  1. Okay, so I should have gotten my wristlet today. I go to my tracking info to see what's up and this is what I find:

    Sep 26, 2007 3:07 PM

    At local FedEx facility


    Package not due for delivery

    3:07 PM

    At local FedEx facility


    8:03 AM

    On FedEx vehicle for delivery


    7:45 AM

    At local FedEx facility


    4:52 AM

    At dest sort facility


    Sorry that's so big. But WTF? It was on the truck but wasn't delivered to me? I want my damn wristlet and I'm impatient! LOL!
  2. hopefully you'll get it tomorrow.
  3. Oh man, that happened to me last time I ordered from Coach too! It was due on a Thursday but on Wednesday it showed it was on the truck. Then that message (not due for delivery until tomorrow). AGH!!!!! It was on his truck and I saw him drive by. Talk about torture!!

    Post when you get it tomorrow, ok?? Now I'm all excited for you.
  4. I've had this happen if the package delivery date isn't until tomorrow (or later) and so it just sits there until it's due. They won't deliver early. So if it was sent "regular" FedEx and not two day or overnight, but arrives earlier than scheduled at the facility, since "regular" was paid for that's what you get. Does that make sense? :s
  5. I heard there was a major crash with a FedEx truck in Dallas... at least your package wasn't on there! Apparently the truck was literally packed to the top with packages and they were thrown out all over the interstate...
  6. ^^^I know, I saw that and I was like OH CRAP!! Thank God it wasn't my package! Usually I do get my packages a day early than it says so that's why I was so confused as to why it wasn't delivered. Damn FedEx man!
  7. I had that happen once too, it sucks!!! I called fedex and they said basically they put it on the truck and if they have time they will deliver it, but if they run out of time then they don't deliver it because technically it isn't due to be delivered yet.. it's such a tease though!!! :sad:
  8. Wow, I work at the Post Office and everything we get has to be delivered on that day we receive it. There's no such thing as "Oh I didn't have enough time so screw this package it can wait till tomorrow." That's not very customer friendly of Fed Ex.
  9. wow, well my lush goodies went from oregon to atlanta and are now back on their way to colorado... fedex is right up the street and said i couldn't pick anything up until a delivery has been attempted. so dumb!@
  10. I'm also impatiently awaiting FedEx....
  11. I feel your pain Ladies! My Fedex ground shipments are usually delivered one day before they are due. Except this week, they all seem to be coming on their due dates. I've been spoiled & it's hard to exercise patience. I JUST WANT MY PACKAGES!

    I guess Fedex had more items in their system due to COACH's PCE, with everyone across the Country ordering more than usual.

    My heart goes out to anyone who might have packages on the 'derailed' truck on the Texas Interstate. I think that I would be trying to figure out if I could look for my package, if I thought that I had something on that truck! I can hear it now, "Hey lady, step away from the packages!"

    Hopefully, the driver and surrounding motorists are OK!
  12. Oh gawd would I be in a nasty a$$ mood if this happened to me...just ask DH.....I am the most impatient person ever!!! That is why I wish there was a boutique or outlet around here so I didn't have to wait for things to be delivered....but it is kinda fun knowing that you have something on the way--until 4:30 that evening and still nothing...LOL.

    Sorry this happened to you, but just think, it will be in your hands tomorrow and you will be posting pics, right?? LOL....let us know when you get it!!!
  13. Yes, I will definitely post pics as soon as I can!! I have to get some batteries for my suck ass camera...it's like 8 years old and the battery lasts for all of five minutes. I saw the FedEx guy down the street when I was heading to class but I came home and there was nothing waiting for me. He better just leave the package and run because I'm gonna beat his FedEx ass when I see him!
  14. ROFLMAO^^
    that's funny
  15. [/QUOTE]

    That is too funny.