what is up with ebay?

  1. this is the second time eBay has cancelled my auction for my 05 choco paddy, stating that someone stole the winning bidder's eBay ID to bid. they apologized for the inconvenience but won't allow me to retrieve my original listing. now, i have to take pics again and relist from scratch. i'm so frustrated because i'm not sure what is happening and if it will happen again. did this happen to anyone?
  2. I've had several winning bidders that have had hijacked accounts:sad:

    It's such a waste of time, isn't it? Check your invoice to make sure that eBay has credited your final value fees. On my invoice they gave me back my listing fees but forgot to credit my fvf's.
  3. I'm sorry that happened to you :s: many tPFers here have the similiar problem and they decided to setup "immediately payment" in their auctions.
  4. This is happening to LOTS of sellers. You will have to add "immediate payment required" in your BIN auctions for now. It's the only way to keep the fraudulant accounts from winning your auctions. Also, you'll need to contact ebay (try live chat) to get them to credit your final value fees. You'll need the auction number, so go through your emails to find your listing email from eBay.
  5. Thats terrible!!
  6. I do "Immediate Payment Required" on everything now. I don't want to deal with bidders. Just remember to do all business through eBay and Paypal so that you can be covered if there is ever a problem. I almost made the mistake of selling a Kooba to someone through paypal because "they didn't want to deal with eBay". They paid me $450 for the bag and gave me some strange address here in the US when they wanted it shipped to Russia!!! It was a crazy story, but I ended up getting a really bad feeling and drove to get back my Kooba at his weird address they had posted on my paypal account as the address to use (thank heavens it was local, I couldn't believe it - it was a business address in Santa Monica that had never heard of this person who bought my bag!!!!!) only to discover when I got home (thankfully with my $450 Kooba now back in hand), Paypal had frozen the transaction stating it was a "fraudulent transaction". Scary stuff what's out there....:amazed:
  7. It's such a pain and has happened to me on many occasions. You have to actually contact ebay to get your final value fees reimbursed,
    Check your recycle bin for your pictures, I end up doing it all the time!