What is up with Beyonce's boob?

  1. Your pics arent showing ! (pardon the expression ) :shame:
  2. ^Oops! :shame: How about this one:
  3. what a load of crap. thats just where the metal infrastructure of her corset on the dress is diggin into her.

    I hate it when gossipy sites try to make a huge dea lout of everything.
  4. What bothers me more is her plastic hair...
  5. No, it's human. ;)
  6. If it's just because of her ugly dress, then it must have hurt. I usually love Ellie Saab's dresses but this one is not too good, and especially on her.
  7. photoshoped on her boob? I love the color on the dress, but too many details make it looking loud.
  8. The breast...the hair...her clothing choices...yikes!
  9. That is one concave tit.
  10. lol:roflmfao:
  11. EWWWW, I hope it's just the dress.
  12. Ouch.
  13. Yes, ewwww!
  14. I think it is just the dress like somebody said about her corset, but she should have fixed it! Or one of her people should have let her know! :wtf: