What is up with all the watchers?

  1. I don't get it. I only watch items I'm really interested in and will bid on. When I sell items, especially bags, I get lots of watchers but no bidders. This time I have 7 watchers and not one bid. What the heck? Why watch an item if they're not planning on bidding??
  2. Most people wait until the last minute to bid on purse auctions. I have the noticed the same thing. I actually had 30 watches on this one purse and no bids until the last 2 minutes, then it went crazy. Hopefully your auction will have the same luck.
  3. i will admit...im a big watcher....and i bid at the last minute....but i only watch things i really want!!! and if i think im not going to bid, i will delete it from my list.

    side note: does it tell you WHO is watching? or just a number?
  4. That has happened to me as well...I just sold a bag today that had 22 watchers, and no bids until the last 2 hours of the auction. I have also had to list some things a few times, but they did eventually sell. Hang in there.
  5. You only get the number of watchers, no identities.

  6. It's cyber window-shopping. I don't buy every bag I fondle in a store, nor do I bid on every bag I watch, but I like to think about it, kwim? There's definitely interest but maybe I'll bid, maybe I won't. It's better for the seller to have watchers who might bid than none at all!

    I get the same thing and try not to let it frustrate me. :flowers:
  7. this frustrates me so much, but everyone's right. just hang in there, because i know even i wait to bid until the auction is almost ending.

    also, some watchers may be sellers who want to see what your item is going for to compare.
  8. I have to admit to being a serial watcher. There is one pair of YSL shoes that I have been watching for like 2 months. They keep ending with no bids, and she keeps relisting for lower prices, but I'm hoping they'll go down another $100 or so. Ah the vagaries of eBay.
  9. Many people commence bidding in the last few minutes.
  10. I once had 41 watchers and no bidders on a handbag.
  11. i put a WATCH on a bazillion things that I see....and bid on perhaps 1% of all my 'watches'....it's akin to window shopping to me :smile:
  12. I once had 41 watchers and no bidders on a handbag.

    WOW! What a disappointment!

    People watch for different reasons and the number of watchers you have cannot predict what will happen. I've had items with no watchers that at the last minute sold. Nice surprise.
  13. I watch items that I may bid on or that I may have the same to sell in the future to get an idea as to what price to list at. I only bid at the last minute, and definately do not bid on all my watches!!
  14. i think a lot of people like to see what items sell for. it's a bit annoying when you are the seller, because it does give you the hope you will have a bidding war on your hands. personally, i think bidders are wary these days and items are not selling like they used to. but hang in there! i'm sure you'll find the right buyers.
  15. I don't bid on all my watches either... I just like looking at them, seeing how much they go for, etc.
    As a sometime seller, I've had items with very few watchers go for a nice price, and items with more watchers that generated less bidding activity. So, it's really hard to say. But it is exciting to see your item being "watched".