what is topshop?

  1. in the shopaholic books Becky talks about it all the time, and i see it here on tpf, but i don't know it nor do i know what to compare it to in the us. could someone help me out? is it a brand, a department store? thanks! :confused1: :shame:
  2. lol. :-P you could've just googled it you know! Topshop is very very well-known. :-P
  3. ^ thanks! i never even thought of that!
  4. only the best store ever!!! ha
  5. Topshop is amazing!! Has loads of great clothes, at great prices! My wardrobe staple!
  6. Its an amazing high street clothes store. Kate Moss has just done a collection for them coming out tomorrow, so excited about that.
    It's where I buy 90% of my clothes :smile:
  7. Was in there today in fact and bought some wedges and a black dress. Its great for new fashions and the staples. Topshop has to be one of the many great reasons to live in the U.K. :p
  8. check out there website. its an incredible store. the styles they have in stock change at least twice a week. it has a huge turnover.