What is tho best way to list my gucci bags?

  1. I listed two of my gucci bags, which are both new with dustbags. I started less than half the retail but nobody bid:shrugs: I thought it was a very fair price. I have almost 400 positive feedbacks and 100% rating and I have bought and sold in the past. If I list too low people think it's fake. I'm so angry because all these gucci fakes on ebay are ruining my chances for selling the real stuff. I want to fund more bags but I'm not having any luck. Should I start low with a reserve? Any advice?
  2. I agree.

    I was going to try and sell my month old Abbey on eBay that I spent over $800 @ NM. There were brand new ones available on eBay for $200. . . how could I compete?
    I ended up selling it otherwise, but I personally think Gucci is VERY difficult to sell on eBay unless you have very hard to find styles as there are SO many good fakes.
  3. I agree. For some reason, my gucci's don't move on ebay either? The fakes are so hard to distinguish from real Gucci's. It just gets lost in the sea of fakes. I really think it's because there's no consistency with their items.. Since there's no consistency, it's hard to tell what is real and what isn't. It's very frustrating.

    As of last week, I have a Chanel, 2 LVs, Gucci and International Hobo auction running. My Chanel had 13 watchers, one of my LVs had a BIN and my other has a bid, the Hobo International had a BIN as well. My Gucci item is sitting there with no watchers and no ASQ's. I'm getting ASQ's on my LVs and Chanel though..It's the 3rd time I've listed it over the past year.

    I've even looked up similiar items to my Gucci and people have them selling for brand new at a higher price than what I have but they are FAKE! My item which is used, is currently still selling in the Gucci store and has not gone on sale at all. I don't know how people can think it's real when it's half the retail cost. But the pictures look identical to mine. It stinks...

    I have only sold 1 Gucci bag successfully on ebay and I think the only reason is that someone on the PF posted about it in the Authenticate this Thread.. I happened to see it and confirmed that it was real.. I have a different ebay id than my posting id so they didn't know it was a pf member...

    Sorry to ramble but I'm right up there with you with feeling disappointed about my Gucci Auctions
  4. Does anyone have a bag from the Pop Collection from this past spring/summer line?? Looking for the tote with the green/red web handles?? Not sold in stores anymore. Found one on Ebay, but I don't want a fake!! Hate that!!
  5. I have sold a few Louis Vuitton's on ebay, and only had real bidders with a good price when I had the actual receipt from my original purchase of the bags! Unfortunately I could not find my Gucci receipt and that bag did not get a good bid. I did start with a low starting bid, but had a reserve price because I didn't want to give the bag away. It cost more than $1400, and the highest bid was $400? Not going to sell for that! Especially when there were so many fakes going for much less!! Hard to sell on Ebay!
  6. ^^we can't sell/buy here.
  7. Hmm, I haven't checked the Gucci forum in a while, but is there no way people can list what they;re selling on eBay? I would actually appreciate knowing all of your Gucci auctions because I can never find authentic ones (or can't tell). If you can't do that then...well, keep me in mind or give me your eBay IDs and I'll add you to my favourite sellers list. :biggrin:
  8. I agree, I would like to know who is selling authentic gucci on ebay!!!
  9. nope, no way, no how.
    We do not allow any kind of advertising here at all, not on the boards, nor via PM.

    You can find something on eBay and ask of it's authentic.
    If someone here is selling it, it's okay if they say so.
    But no one is permitted to use tPF to improve their eBay sales, this includes people posting their eBay IDs.
  10. That's good to know! I am new to this, and trying to get a feel of it all. Trying to read up on Gucci and how to spot fakes etc. Too many out there are.
  11. It's tough to spot a counterfeit Gucci unless it's a really bad one unfortunately. :sad:

    Thanks for understanding, people are banned for soliciting here and if we allowed it, we wouldn't be able to find the good conversation threads between all the advertising ones!
  12. ^ can we PM each other, though? I mean, if I told someone I want to know when they're selling their bags and they PM me then is it okay? Sorry, I'm new to all this.
  13. no, the Purse Forum doesn't allow ANY buying or selling. The Private Messaging system is tPF's so we don't allow that.
    We get complaints everyday about people PMing others looking to buy/sell a bag and people get banned for that.

    Anyone can join here, there's no prerequisites, so even if someone from here PM'd you to buy something, there's no insurace that it wouls be an authentic item.
    People use us everyday to try to market their counterfeit goods.
    Luckily we stop them *usually* before they reach many people.
  14. I agree. I have the same issues with some of my stuff as well. Unfortunately, due to all the fakes on eBay, ppl are afraid to get burned (very understandable) so they typically only buy from Powersellers, MPRS, or ALVA. There're lots of honest sellers who don't belong to any of these groups who are only selling their personal collections and those are the ones who are having problems selling.

    What I do sometimes is I include a scan of my receipt as well as online credit card statements. I hate to do the latter because you never know what someone may do with that information but that is one of the other ways to show that you're legit. If the buyer is local, sometimes I offer to accompany them to the store as well.

    I remember selling a brand new Dior Hawaiian Saddle bag that I bought for $950+ on eBay and I ended up having to let it go at $325 (brand new too) because someone sold an identical one before me and that seller lowered her price to the 300s due to trying to compete with the fake's low price. I am still kicking myself for giving in. Seriously, do NOT undersell your bags, you'll regret it. Just be patient and wait it out ... Good luck!
  15. Swanky Mama, I am aware that of course you can't guarantee authenticity just because someone is a forum member. And I am not trying to advocate going against the rules or anything, I just thought that Private Messages are well, private and what goes on there doesn't involve the rest of tPF unless it's unsolicited PMs people are getting. I was just trying to get a clarification and now I know.

    Anyways, spylove22, sorry for hijacking your thread. ;)