What is this??

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  1. I received this email - I have blocked out my name and email address.

    I have not sold whatever he bought and have no idea what this is about.
    What to do?
    (**I can't even find the listing by clicking on "view the listing."

    New message from: james3154 (This message has been sent to xxxxmexxx - )
    I have purchased and paid for this item 5 days ago, but there is no response from you. PayPal has been sent to ...XXXmy PayPal addyXXX....
    If you do not respond I will contact the Police & Paypal.


    Excellent Condition Dj Set Up Pioneer Cdj 2000 & Djm 900 Nexus

    Excellent Condition Dj Set Up Pion
    Current bid: $1,020.00
    Auction ends 01 Mar, 2016 20:05 GMT
    Item ID: 182035730445
    Bids: 5
  2. I did report to spoofebay and spoofpaypal.
  3. You're right. It's spoof. Include the full headers with your spoof@ ebay and spoof@paypal emails.

    If you look at your "my ebay," I'm betting the messages aren't there.
  4. Hmm. Based on all the messages james3154 sent, they just might have been sent through ebay. But it's a scam. Ignore.
  5. Thanks BB!
  6. I just looked and your right....it's not there. :tdown:
  7. If you logged in to either EBay or PayPal through a link in the email, you need to go change your passwords!
  8. You should NEVER click on a link in any email from anyone you don't know and weren't expecting a message from.

    Not only should you change your Ebay and Paypal passwords, but whatever anti-spyware programs you have, you should run a full scan if you're on a "real" computer.
  9. Thank you. ;)
    Everything has been changed.
  10. Also notice that the auction referenced ended March 1. So how could it have been purchased 5 days ago? lol
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