What is this?!?!

  1. Hi all! I went over to LV this Tuesday cuz an SA told me that I need to pick up my Onatah GM within 24hrs and that the release date is NOT Oct 18 (my usual SA who's on vacation told me this...anyhoo, she was WRONG). So I picked up my new bag, and while I was browsing, I saw THIS. A pie shaped multicolore piece... It's quite big actually, like 2.5 times bigger than the cles ...about 4X7 inches.... So is this NEW? or what?....lol cuz I haven't seen this on LV's site (yet) and does anyone know its name or price??? (sorry for the bad pic....but...you get the idea that it's multicolored lol)

  2. Pretty good pics..
    Is it possible multicolor mono lin?
  3. hmmmm.....multicolor mini lin that would be awesome! LOL
  4. no no! definitely not mono lin! sorry for the bad monogram colors...(i'm just lazy and didn't wanna put 33 colors ya know...lol) it has the same canvas as the current black multicolore canvas....just...the model/style....i've never seen it before!

    Also, besides the zipper on the top, there's another zipper in the front with vachetta lining (if you squint, it says "Louis Vuitton/made in France" in my pic lol)
  5. Ohh I don't know what it is but it seems like it would be a cute piece! I don't see it in the catalog (not that that's a shock or anything.LOL)
  6. It looks like it could be a Plate of some sort. Maybe S/O?
  7. It is a new multicolore pouch ... I think there is another one too .. sort of like the plate??? It is in stores here.
  8. i love your graphic!
  9. A MC pouch would be cute! Way more useful than the cles!
  10. :yes: I saw it in the boutique on Monday. It's in MC canvas and it come in two sizes. The Cles is way bigger than the normal ones ( sorry didn't ask the name) just like the one CEC.LV4eva drawn:graucho: good pic BTW. It was AUD $480 ( I'll say about US$330???). As for the other size it's like the Denim pouch but with zipper opening.

    Congrats on the Onatah CEC.LV4eva !!!!:yahoo: :graucho:
  11. Thanks bagsnbags, Everlong and Lee69! wow...330$US...hmmmm.....*getting bad ideas now:drool: ....lol* it's actually really nice and BIG.... roomy.... you can probably use it as a wallet....... ooooooooh!
  12. I saw it in the look book as well, it reminds me of a trousse but it's flat.

    I want one!
  13. Has anyone seen this in the US?!
  14. do you mean that its acually in stores to buy?
    i went to lv today to check and they didn't know what i was talking about so i tried to recreate the picture that cec drew (except mine was shameful :sweatdrop: )
    and wen i finalli found something that resembled it... it was a very small picture in the lookbook under december...
  15. It's already available in Sydney,Australia:yes: