What is this?

  1. Okay, So, I thought this was glass, then someone told me it could possibly be Moonstone? I'm not too good with jewls and this kind of stuff, so could anyone give me a hand in identifying this peice?
    Withought flash
    With flash
  2. It sure does look like it. It's such a pretty stone. If you do an internet search, then you could pull up other moonstone jewelry. The clear is my favorite. Good luck!:rolleyes:
  3. It actually looks like some sort of dyed or manmade tiger's eye. It looks blue to me. Rainbow moonstone is actually very clear or milky white with rainbow flashes.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the late entrence, had some problems getting this to work. lol
    Anyways, I was looking on the net and seen some nice blue Tigers Eye, it was pretty.
    Not sure on the price range. Probably fairly cheap?
    I got this thing at a secondhand store for 2 bucks. It's pretty, it was worth the money either way.
    Once again, thank you for the help.

  5. Yes, tiger's eye is not a very expensive stone even when natural. Manmade is usually less expensive.

    And who cares how much it was as long as you like it! =D
  6. I've seen glass beads that look similar to that. it's a pretty colour!